IGBTs utilize metal on polysilicon gate structure.

Press Release Summary:

POWER MOS 7(TM) 600 and 1200 V IGBTs are designed to replace 500/600 V and 1000/1200 V MOSFETs, respectively, in switch mode power supply, power factor correction, and other high-power applications. Units operate up to 150 kHz without current de-rating. IGBTs are available in two die sizes for 600 V and one die size for 1200 V, with and without anti-parallel diodes, in 10 die package combinations.

Original Press Release:

New Generation of IGBTs Offer Improved Power Density, Higher Efficiency, Lower Cost in Switch Mode Power Supply Applications

Bend, OR....Advanced Power Technology (NASDAQ: APTI) is announcing a new generation of 600 and 1200 volt IGBTs utilizing its advanced proprietary POWER MOS 7(TM) Technology. These new POWER MOS 7(TM) IGBTs can provide for lower cost, higher power density, and higher efficiency than MOSFETs in many switch mode power supply applications at frequencies up to 200 kHz. Utilizing APT's patented metal on polysilicon gate structure, the intemal chip gate resistance is one to two orders of magnitude lower than comparable industry standard polysilicon gate devices. This, combined with low gate charge and on-voltage, makes these IGBT devices extremely fast switching as well as having lower conduction losses.

The 600 volt IGBT's are designed to replace 500V/600V MOSFETs and the 1200 volt IGBTs are designed to replace 1000V/1200V MOSFETs in switch mode power supply (SMPS), power factor correction (PFC), and other high-power applications. The low plateau voltage and gate-drive voltage requirement is similar to a MOSFET. This allows larger die size power MOSFETs, or multiple MOSFETs in parallel to be replaced with just one POWER MOS 7(TM) IGBT. POWER MOS 7(TM) IGBT technology improves power density, system efficiency and reliability, and enables operation up to 150kHz without current de-rating. Conduction losses are dramatically lower, especially at high temperatures, and gate-charge is reduced.

In addition, POWER MOS 7(TM) IGBTs are available co-packaged with a fast-recovery, antiparallel diode optimized for low reverse recovery charge, further enhancing performance in power switching applications. Co-packaging the POWER MOS 7(TM) IGBTs with these rectifiers reduces EMI, switching losses, and conduction losses, while reducing component count and cost.

The POWER MOS 7(TM) IGBTs are available in two die sizes for 600 volts and one die size for 1200 volts, with and without anti-parallel diodes, in 10 die package combinations. Other products for both voltages will be introduced next quarter to cover a full range of power supply applications from 500 to multi kilowatts.

Features and Benefits

- IGBT advantage in current density over MOSFETs

o facilitates higher output power

o provides for smaller and lower cost components

o allows for smaller and higher power density designs

- Proprietary Punch-Through (PT) process and new chip designs

o allows for very low power losses at high currents and high frequencies

Shown below are the first ten Power MOS 7TM IGBT products that APT offers:

Device Part No. Part No. Part No. Current Samples
Volt Type TO-247 T-Max Isotop 110°C Avail
30GP60B 49 Now
40GP60B 62 Now
40GP60J 40 Now

30GP60B2D1 49 Now
30GP60JD1 32 Now
40GP60B2D1 62 Now
40GP60JDI 40 Now

35GP120B 46 Now
35GP120J 29 Now

35GP120B2D2 46 Now
35GP120JD2 29 Now

IK piece pricing,for the above products, range from $5.63 to $27.64 depending on the current rating and package.

Applications for these devices include DC/DC converters, power factor correction (PFC) pre-regulators, switch mode power supplies (SMPS), welders, UPS, motor controls, and inverters.

Preliminary data sheets are available to assist the designer, describing the features and benefits of the new MOSFETs. These may be downloaded from APT's website at http:www.advancedpower.com or obtained from the factory.

With operations in Bend, Oregon, Santa Clara, California, and Bordeaux, France, APT is a leading supplier of high voltage, high power MOSFETs, IGBTs, Bipolar Transistors, Ultra-Fast Recovery and Schottky Diodes, and Application Specific Power Modules (ASPM®) for RF, Linear, and Switch Mode applications.

For additional information, contact APT at 405 SW Columbia Street, Bend, Oregon 97702 Phone: 800-522-0809 or (541) 382-8028 outside of North America; Fax: (541) 388-0364 E-mail: custserv@advancedpower.com.

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