Ibstock's Fireborn® Brings New Dimension to the Building Envelope

Ibstock (www.ibstock.com) has extended its market leading Fireborn® range of large format clay panels with two new finishes to add to the standard smooth and the textured finishes, a new colour and a new size, expanding facade design possibilities for architects and specifiers.

The new finishes include Riven, which provides a hewn stone appearance for a natural feel, and Lined, which features narrow vertical lines to deliver a sharp geometric effect to building elevations and decorative panels.

The new Ochre colour has been introduced to offer Fireborn® specifiers an additional colour choice in the standard, textured, riven and Lined finish options.

Both new additions are available in all the different Fireborn® size formats, which range from Standard (215mm X 215mm to 327mm X 215mm) and Max (440mm X 215mm), as well as the new Max II size, which is 490mm X 190mm.

Also, Fireborn® Freedom gives architects and specifiers access to bricks in a range of height and length combinations to suit the unique requirements of virtually any building design.

As well as the five standard colours, including the new ochre, the Fireborn® range is available in six satin and six vibrant gloss panel colours, allowing many further possibilities and combinations for decorative schemes.

Each Fireborn® block is individually gauged to ensure a dimensionally accurate, which means that they are especially suited to stack bond laying patterns. The result is a highly aesthetic application, which offers an ultimately more durable and lower cost alternative to rainscreen cladding.

The large format Fireborn® blocks are relatively lightweight (up to c.14kg for the largest size block), for easy on-site handling. In addition to requiring less mortar than traditional brickwork, considerable time can be saved progressing a scheme because there are significantly less units to lay. Comparative, independently-monitored tests have demonstrated time savings of up to 40% over walling with traditional brick sizes.

For further information on Ibstock's new Fireborn® textures, colours and sizes, as well as the rest of the Fireborn® range, call 0870 903 4006 for a brochure. Alternatively visit www.ibstock.com for the latest news.

As the UK's largest brick manufacturer, Ibstock invests heavily in ensuring a more sustainable future through its manufacturing, its communities and its products - over £55 million since 2003.

Making a significant contribution to sustainable building practices, Ibstock's bricks feature high thermal mass, life long durability and minimal maintenance, as well a high recycled content and local manufacture for low transport requirements.

The company offers an unrivalled choice of over 450 different competitively priced products in its extensive range, which includes prefabricated brickwork components, rainscreens and a diverse selection of special shaped bricks and pavers.

All Ibstock's products are backed by its unique technical, design, stockist and site support services and comprehensive information - website and literature. Almost 200 years' brick making experience is sustained by Ibstock's national network of 19 factories and highly trained staff.

At the 2008 BDA awards, the company won 9 awards, as well as the Supreme Award and was shortlisted for 26 projects in eight categories.


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