I/O Module allows 4-wire RTD measurements.

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FP-RTD-124 FieldPoint(TM) module offers 8 input channels for direct connectivity to 4-wire 100 platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). It has 16-bit resolution and 50/60 Hz filtering. Module works with FieldPoint Explorer software as well as FieldPoint 2000 family. Suitable applications include those that require temperature sensing throughout process, such as controlling multi-stage heaters used in thermoplastics manufacturing.

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Take High-Accuracy, 4-Wire RTD Measurements with New FieldPoint Module

AUSTIN, Texas - July 9, 2002 - Engineers and scientists now can use National Instruments FieldPoint distributed I/O system to take high-accuracy 4-wire resistance temperature detector (RTD) measurements.

The new NI FP-RTD-124 module features eight input channels for direct connectivity to 4-wire 100 - platinum RTDs. Four-wire RTDs eliminate error caused by resistance in the RTD leads. This is important in applications where the sensor is mounted far away from the FieldPoint module. The FP-RTD-124 module features 16-bit resolution to take full advantage of this measurement accuracy and 50 and 60 Hz filtering to - reduce common-mode noise. The FP-RTD-124 module is ideal for applications that require temperature sensing throughout a process, such as controlling multistage heaters used in thermoplastics manufacturing.

The FP-RTD-124 works with FieldPoint Explorer, an easy-to-use software tool for configuring the parameters, such as temperature units, of each input channel. This module also works with the FieldPoint 2000 family, which uses embedded LabVIEW Real-Time programming for headless, stand-alone measurement and control applications. With National Instruments FieldPoint distributed I/0, engineers and scientists can easily integrate software and hardware for lower costs during program development, as well as the flexibility to meet changing application needs.

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NI FP-RTD-124 priced from $350; Euros495; ¥53,000

11500 N Mopac Expwy, Austin, Texas, 78759-3504
phone: (800) 258-7022; fax (512) 683-9300
e-mail: info@ni.com

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