Hydraulic Toolholders offer radial length adjustment.

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TENDO clamps different types of cutting tools with cylindrical shanks directly in toolholder without using intermediate sleeves. Clamping is done by steel sleeve surrounded by hydraulic fluid, and cutting tools with different shanks are held with concentricity of less than 0.002 mm. Hydraulic, completely closed system absorbs vibrations inherent in cutting or grinding processes, resulting in repeatability of less than 0.00012 in.

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TENDO Hydraulic Toolholders From SCHUNK - The Best Keeps Getting Better

SCHUNK Inc. introduces a new feature to their Hydraulic Toolholders. The worldwide leader in toolholding systems modified its bestseller TENDO to be able to clamp different types of cutting tools with cylindrical shanks directly in the toolholder without using intermediate sleeves. This makes this toolholder even more universal during its application of various tasks.

The already known and proven benefits of the TENDO Hydraulic Toolholders remain unchanged. The clamping of the cutting tool is done by a steel sleeve surrounded by a hydraulic fluid. When initializing the clamping process, an internal piston forces the hydraulic fluid into a cavity surrounding the steel sleeve. The high pressure uniformly forces the sleeve around any cutting tool shank.

Cutting tools with different shanks are held with great concentricity of less than 0.002 mm. The enormous clamping pressure displaces oil or grease into the TENDO groove in the clamping bore. Clamping areas remain dry and high torque transmission is guaranteed at all spindle speeds. The hydraulic system also absorbs vibrations inherent in the cutting or grinding processes. The results are very high T.I.R. accuracy and repeatability less then 3 microns (0.00012"), tool life extended up to four times, greatly improved surface quality of machined parts.

TENDO Hydraulic Toolholders offer precise toolholding solutions for almost every manufacturing process. The toolholders are suitable for high-speed and fine milling, heavyduty milling, wood machining, HSC (high speed machining), internal grinding, boring and chamfering, precision reaming, and precision tool grinding. With TENDO slotted, coolantproof intermediate sleeves, different shank diameters can be handled with the same toolholder for additional application versatility and tooling cost savings. All TENDO Hydraulic Toolholders are completely closed systems that operate free of dirt, coolants, lubricants, and chips to assure low maintenance and high operating lifetime. As an option, TENDO Hydraulic Toolholders are available with a radial length adjustement allowing micro precise adjustment to guarantee higher process performance.

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