Hybrid Crystal Resonator comes in miniaturized 2016 package.

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Supporting 26 and 32 MHz frequencies, ±40 ppm XRCGB-F2P series delivers tolerance levels suited for low-energy Bluetooth™ and Zigbee applications. Liquid proof package, featuring metal cap on ceramic substrate construction, allows for particle screening process while also maintaining shock and drive resistance. Consumer and industrial market applications include wearable products, portable medical devices, smart meters, smart appliances, and wireless sensors.

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40ppm Hybrid Crystal Resonator Solution Available from Murata

Product Delivers Tolerance Levels Ideal for Low-Energy Bluetooth™ and Zigbee Applications

Smyrna, GA – Murata Americas today introduced its newest member of the Hybrid Crystal Resonator (HCR) solution family, the +/-40ppm XRCGB-F2P series. Murata’s ongoing expansion of HCR crystal products has enabled even tighter frequency tolerance options, while increasing the value proposition to design engineers that are developing low-energy Bluetooth™ and Zigbee applications. The new +/-40ppm device is available in the HCR’s miniaturized 2016 package, supporting 26 and 32MHz, with more frequencies to follow.

In addition to meeting this tighter frequency tolerance, the XRCGB-F2P series maintains all the features of Murata’s HCR package construction. Murata’s package technology for crystals was developed out of their long experience of providing timing products to the automotive and other high reliability markets. The metal cap on ceramic substrate construction of HCR facilitates the economical achievement of small package sizes, high reliability, and suitable frequency tolerances. HCR’s liquid proof package allows for an innovative particle screening process, while also maintaining improved shock and drive resistance when compared to traditional SMD crystals.

There are currently very limited crystal resonator options that combine small size, low cost, and tight tolerance into one part. Design engineers are typically relegated to choosing either a larger and less expensive package or a small package that commands a premium cost. Murata’s HCR expanded product line circumvents that challenge by offering a low cost +/-40ppm solution in a 2016 package that targets cost and size sensitive applications.  With these new advancements, the XRCGB-F2P series is also well suited for consumer and industrial market applications, including wearable products, portable medical, smart meters, smart appliances, and wireless sensors.

“Murata continually pushed the development envelope to create this next step in the expansion of our HCR lineup,” said Peter Tiller, General Manager Device Product, Murata Americas.  “With this new addition, Murata offers a +/-40ppm crystal that combines performance with low cost and small size – something that traditional solutions were not able to deliver.  This speaks to our packaging technology and ability to provide real value, but not at the expense of reliability for crystal products.”

The XRCGB-F2P series is available for samples, with mass production starting in Q2 of 2014. For more information, please contact Murata sales through www.murata-americas.com.

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