Humidity Calibration System uses chilled mirror technology.

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NIST traceable Humilab(TM) verifies, calibrates, and documents humidity sensors. It utilizes time-proportioned divided-flow technique to achieve relative humidity stability of 0.2% RH. Built-in chilled mirror hygrometer continuously measures environment and provides feedback to microprocessor controller. Humilab provides accuracy of ±1.5% from 10-80% RH and ±2% from 80-90% RH. Analog signals and digital interface enable recording of chamber's environment.

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GE Introduces New Benchtop Humidity Calibration System Humilab(TM) Product Line Optimizes Humidity Instrument Calibration Cycle Time

Humilab(TM) Product Line Optimizes Humidity Instrument Calibration Cycle Time

Wilmington, MA -September 30, 2003- GE General Eastern Instruments, Inc. a business unit of GE Industrial Systems and the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), has announced the availability of the Humilab(TM) product line, a NIST traceable humidity generator and chamber ideal for calibrating a wide variety of humidity sensors, transmitters and instruments.

The new Humilab provides the ability to verify, calibrate and document humidity sensors used in applications in aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronic, plastics, chemical and food processing and storage and HVAC building automation controls. The Humilab utilizes the time-proportioned divided-flow technique developed by GE to achieve relative humidity stability of 0.2% RH. A built-in chilled mirror hygrometer continuously measures the test environment and provides feedback to the Humilab's microprocessor controller.

"The introduction of the new Humilab product family is illustrative of GE´s commitment to introducing new technologies and products that support our customers calibration needs in their critical operations," said Kerry Pfrimmer, president of GE General Eastern. "Our customers will benefit from the ability to perform NIST traceable calibration while incorporating GE´s chilled mirror technology as a primary reference. The workspace capacity of the Humilab has been optimized to improve humidity calibration cycle time and throughput in a dynamic and cost effective footprint not found within the industry today."

The chilled mirror is a primary humidity instrument that controls a polished rhodium mirror surface to a thermal and mass equilibrium between dew formation and evaporation. A precision level of control is achieved by using infrared optics to control thermoelectric cooling and heating. The temperature of the mirror is measured with a precise platinum RTD and the resulting temperature is by definition the dew point. A second platinum RTD measures dry bulb temperature. Relative Humidity is computed from these fundamental measurements.

The Humilab provides accuracy of +/-1.5% from 10-80% RH and +/-2% from 80-90% RH. The test chamber measures 644 cubic inches (10.6 L) in volume enabling several humidity instruments to be calibrated simultaneously with out sacrificing portability. The test chamber is constructed of stainless steel and is equipped with an onboard desiccant dryer and saturator. The Humilab is equipped with fittings to connect a water bath/circulator for standardized temperature control and for dry compressed air. Bright LED displays indicate the set point, %RH and temperature. Analog (4-20mA & 0-5VDC) signals and a digital interface (RS-232) enable the chamber's environment to be recorded and documented. Prostep software enables "ramp and soak" profiles to be programmed resulting in automated operation.

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