Horizontal CNC Lathe suits small parts machining.

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Featuring 4-spindle technology and load-while-machining functionality, Model MT4-85 provides seamless cycling of work from loading zone to machining zone and back again. Parts are transitioned in and out of machining zone in as little as .8 sec each. Spindles are partnered as pairs, so as carrier is indexed 180°, 2 spindles rotate to machining area as 2 spindles move out for loading and unloading. Carrier indexing time is 1.5 sec and spindle speeds range from 60-6,000 rpm.

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SB Machine Tools Introduces MT4-85 Productive CNC Lathe For Small Part Machining

Schaumburg, IL - (August 28, 2006) With the introduction of the MT4-85 Horizontal CNC Lathe from SB machine Tools, Kitako has successfully applied its performance-proven four-spindle technology to small parts turning. In small parts machining, a loading process plays a critical role in reducing overall cycle time. With Kitako's "load while machining" advantage, the loading time is minimized therefore the productivity increases as much as three times more than the conventional CNC Lathes.

Kitako's unique four-spindle technology provides a seamless cycling of work from the loading zone to the machining zone and back again. Operating much like a pallet changer on a machining center, parts are transitioned in and out of the machining zone in as little as .8 seconds each. The MT4-85's four spindles are mounted in a horizontal, square pattern in a large carrier drum. The drum's positioning accuracy is ensured by a large diameter, precision-toothed, curvic coupling. Spindles are generally partnered as pairs so as the carrier is indexed 180 degrees; two spindles rotate to the machining area as two spindles move out for loading and unloading. The two spindles in the machining zone along with the respective slides and turrets work simultaneously as well as independently. This dual-slide flexibility offers a variety of part processing methods.

Manual, robot or gantry loading options are possible due to unrestricted access to the spindles in the loading position. For safety and chip/coolant containment during indexing, the opening/closing zones are separated by an automatic door and a carrier plate.

The main spindles of the MT4-85 are hardened, precision ground and supported by accurate double row cylindrical roller bearings and angular contact bearings. The cartridge type spindles are sealed for life and require no maintenance.

The MT4-85 is ideal for high volume applications, especially automotive parts such as pistons, shafts, valves, pinions, sleeves, rotors, hammer frames, spindles, hubs, injector bodies and housings.

The MT4-85's carrier indexing time is 1.5 sec. and spindles speeds range from 60 to 6,000 rpm. Each slide on the MT4-85 features a high-speed 8-station drum turret; chuck sizes are 4".

For more information, visit our IMTS Booth #A-8148 or contact SB Machine Tools, 1300 Remington Road, Unit K, Schaumburg, IL 60173, Phone: 847-882-9600, Fax: 847-882-9800 or visit www.sbmachinetools.com.

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