Hollow Penta Prisms offer short optical path lengths.

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Hollow, penta prisms employ 2 coated, mirrored surfaces oriented at 45° to redirect incoming light 90° without inverting or reversing image. Products are available with visible (Enhanced Aluminum) or IR (Protected Gold) coatings. Beam deviations of 30, 10, or 5 arc seconds are available in 12.7 and 25.4 mm clear apertures. Accuracy of existing wavefront varies from 0.25-1 wave (depending on the model chosen), and mirrors are mounted in integratable package.

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New Hollow Penta Prisms Available from Edmund Optics

July 31, 2003, Barrington, NJ - Edmund Optics, Inc. (EO) of Barrington, New Jersey has announced it has added a new line of hollow penta prisms to its vast selection of optical components.

These new hollow penta prisms have all the desirable properties of traditional glass penta prisms, but without the material limitations of glass substrates. Free from the constraint posed by absorption of light by a glass substrate, the only limitation on the wavelengths used is the coating chosen on the two mirrored surfaces. Two mirrors oriented precisely at 45 degrees redirect incoming light 90 degrees without inverting or reversing the image. The lack of a glass substrate also gives these hollow penta prisms shorter optical path lengths than traditional glass penta prisms.

Hollow penta prisms are available with either visible (Enhanced Aluminum) or IR (Protected Gold) coatings. Beam deviations of 30, 10, or 5 arc seconds are available in both 12.7mm and 25.4mm clear apertures. The accuracy of the existing wavefront varies between 0.25 to 1 wave depending on the model chosen. The mirrors are conveniently mounted in an easily integratable package.

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