Hold-Up Module targets avionic and military applications.

Press Release Summary:

Housed in 1 x 1.5 in. module, Model HUGD-300 is intended for applications that need to meet power hold up requirements in designs up to 300 W. Front-end module boosts capacitor charging voltage, using user-settable voltage from 30–80 V, and ensures on-board applications remain operational between 50–200 ms or more when input voltage drop occurs. Device incorporates reverse polarity protection, input power bus monitoring, capacitor inrush current control, and power hold up monitoring.

Original Press Release:

GAIA Converter New HUGD-300 300W Hold-Up Module Offers Board Footprint Savings

GAIA Converter, the rugged power supplies specialist, has released a new front-end hold-up module targeting Avionic and Military applications. The HUGD-300 is designed for applications that need to meet power hold up requirements in their designs, up to 300W.

Such on-board applications need to remain operational between 50ms to 200 ms or more when an input voltage drop occurs. Doing so is traditionally done by using large bulk capacitors.

The first HUGD-300 function is to boost the capacitor charging voltage, using a user settable voltage from 30V to 80V, this drastically reduces the capacitor size up to a ratio of 10 to 1.

Also incorporated in the HUGD-300 module are functions such as very low loss reverse polarity protection, input power bus monitoring, power fail, capacitor inrush current control and power hold up monitoring.

The HUGD-300 can be used with any GAIA Converter DC/DC modules to build complete power architectures up to 300W total power and provides monitoring signals optimised for global supervision.

All these HUGD-300 features are packed into the compact and low profile industry standard 1”x1.5” module.

About GAIA Converter

GAIA Converter was created in the early 1990’s. Since that time the company has developed one of the most comprehensive ranges of modular power components in the electronics market place. GAIA Converter has also brought to the market its now well established concept of Modular Power Architecture simplifying the design of complex power supplies. With more than 3,500 standard power component references serving the industrial, transportation, aerospace and military markets, GAIA Converter is recognised as one of the world leaders of “power module” solutions.

All GAIA converters are designed and manufactured in-house in France using fully automated manufacturing and test equipment. GAIA Converter has offices in France, Germany, England, the USA and distributors world-wide.

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