HMC is suited for space-restricted applications.

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Featuring built-in tombstone indexing capabilities, EC-300 HMC utilizes 8,000 rpm, 40-taper spindle directly coupled to motor. Unit incorporates servo-driven, twin 300 mm pallet changer that swaps pallets in under 5 sec as well as 45° incremental indexer that provides precise positioning for multi-sided parts and tombstones. With rapid traverse rates to 1,000 ipm, HMC features 20 x 18 x 14 xyz travels and 24-pocket side-mount tool changer.

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Small Size, Big Performance: The Haas EC-300 HMC

One of the many problems facing the machining industry today is the very real barrier of limited floor space. With that constraint to high-volume production in mind, the engineers at Haas Automation, Inc., have designed the new generation EC-300 HMC. Offering the smallest footprint of any horizontal machining center in the Haas family, this state-of-the-art machine delivers all the accuracy, ease of use and high-productivity standard features that Haas customers have come to expect.

The Haas EC-300 HMC is a compact horizontal machining center with a generous 20" x 18" x 14" (xyz) travels, a twin pallet changer and built-in tombstone indexing capabilities. The machine is equipped with an 8,000-rpm, 40-taper spindle that features a unique inline, direct-drive system that couples the motor directly to the spindle rather than using belts or gears. This results in less vibration, less heat and less noise than other drive systems, providing better surface finishes, extreme thermal stability and quiet operation. Powered by a 20-hp vector dual drive system with on-the-fly wye-delta switching, the spindle yields plenty of low-end torque and a wide constant-power band.

The EC-300's built-in twin pallet changer (300 mm pallets) allows the operator to load and unload parts on one pallet while parts are being machined on the other. Once machining is complete, a servo-driven changer swaps pallets in less than 5 seconds to keep throughput high. An incremental indexer (45-degree increments) provides precise positioning for multi-sided parts and tombstones, and a full 4th axis is available. High-lead ballscrews and high-torque servo motors on all axes provide rapids to 1,000 ipm to reduce cycle times, and a 24-pocket side-mount tool changer swaps tools quickly to keep non-machining time to a minimum.

For added performance, a 12,000-rpm spindle powered by a 30-hp vector dual drive system is available as an option. This spindle provides more power than the standard spindle, as well as additional speed for high-speed machining operations. For increased tool capacity, a 40-pocket side-mount tool changer is also available.

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