High Voltage MOSFETs can be used in harsh environments.

Press Release Summary:

Available in hermetic, discrete packages, POWER MOS 7® transistors utilize metal on polysilicon gate structure. Products offer low gate charge (Qg) and 0.038-3.0 ohms On-Resistance, which results in maximum current carrying capacities from 4.0-54 A. Offered with breakdown voltages from 200-1,000 V, devices are suited for DC/DC converters, Power Factor Correction (PFC) pre-regulators, switchmode power supplies, motor controls, and inverters.

Original Press Release:

New High Power Hermetic MOFSETs Provide Extremely Low Switching and Conduction Losses for Use in Harsh Environments

Bend OR..... Advanced Power Technology (NASDAQ: APTI) is pleased to announce its new generation of high voltage MOSFETs designated POWER MOS 7® are now available in hermetic, discrete packages. POWER MOS 7® has up to 60% lower total gate charge (Qg) than the current POWER MOS V® generation devices. In addition, POWER MOS 7® has up to a 30% reduction in On-Resistance (RDS(on)) resulting in up to a 20% increase in maximum current carrying capacity (ID). Overall these new devices offer an extremely low combined power loss Figure of Merit, RDS(on) X Qg, enabling smaller, more efficient, and more reliable power conversion.

Utilizing APT's patented metal on polysilicon gate structure, the internal chip gate resistance is one or two orders of magnitude lower than comparable industry standard polysilicon gate devices. This, combined with lower capacitances, Qg, and RDS(on) makes these MOS 7® devices extremely fast switching as well as having lower conduction losses.

- 200V to 1000V Breakdown
- 0.038 to 3.0 ohms RDS(on)
- 4.0 to 54 Amps ID
- Low Capacitances and low Qg for fast switching and low switching losses
- Low RDS(on) for reduced conduction losses and increased power dissipation
- Built in hermetic TO-257, TO-254, and TO-258 packages for Hi-Rel applications or harsh environments where added protection is required
- Military screening available

Applications for these devices include DC/DC converters, Power Factor Correction (PFC) Pre-Regulators, Switchmode Power Supplies, Motor Controls, and Inverters used in Aerospace and Military applications or other harsh environmental applications. Parts are available with and without Mil-PRF-19500 type screening.

Data sheets are available to assist the designer, describing the features and benefits of these new MOSFETs in greater detail. These may be downloaded from APT's website at advancedpower.com or obtained from the factory.

Availability and Pricing
Limited samples are available now with volume production also available now. Small volume pricing (500 pieces) ranges from $61.86 to $83.60. Military screening option is available.
 	 	BVDSS	RDS(on)	ID
PART NUMBER* Package Volts mohms Amps
APT1003RCLL TO-254 1000 3000 4
APT6041CLL TO-254 600 410 14
APT5027CLL TO-254 500 270 16
APT20M72CLL TO-254 200 73 31
APT1003RGLL TO-257 1000 3000 3.6
APT10078HLL TO-258 1000 780 12
APT8043HLL TO-258 800 430 16
APT6024HLL TO-258 600 240 21
APT5017HLL TO-258 500 170 25
APT20M38HLL TO-258 200 38 55
*See web page for additional part numbers

With Operations in Bend, Oregon, Santa Clara, California, Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania and Bordeaux France, APT is a leading supplier of high power switching transistors (MOSFETs, IGBTs), Diodes (FRED and Schottky), RF & Microwave Transistors, and Power Modules for RF, Microwave, Linear, and Switchmode Applications.

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