High Speed Steel Indexable Inserts at IMTS

Latrobe, PA USA

High Speed Steel indexable inserts are used when machining extreme materials such as Inconel, Titanium, and Plastic. High Speed Steel inserts will be showcased at IMTS 2006 Booth E-2470.

High Speed Steel is a cutting tool material used in drilling, milling, turning, threading, boring, broaching, gear cutting and many other machining operations. High Speed Steel cutting tools are used in all phases of production and are widely used in both machine tools and in portable machine tools.

High Speed Steel indexable inserts are able to perform at slow surface speeds while providing a good surface finish without the tool chipping or breakage.

High Speed Steel indexable inserts offer reliable Toughness. They are commonly used in applications with interrupted cuts and they are notable tougher than carbide and ceramic inserts.

High Speed Steel retains good Wear Resistance in both metal working and wood working applications.

High Speed Steel cutting tools have a Sharper Cutting Edge than carbide cutting tools. The work piece is cut rather than torn which results in an improved surface finish.

High Speed Steel is used in applications where contamination of scrap is a concern.

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