High Performance Fluorescence Dichroic Filters

  • Improved Flatness, Transmitted Wavefront, and Surface Quality
  • Ideal for Fluorescence Microscopy or High Magnification Imaging Applications
  • Most Popular Cut-On Wavelengths of Fluorescence and Longpass Dichroic Filters

Our TECHSPEC® High Performance Fluorescence Dichroic Filters feature the same broad, flat transmission and reflection ranges as our popular TECHSPEC® Fluorescence Dichroic Filters, but have improved physical parameters. Special attention to surface flatness, transmitted wavefront, and surface quality have resulted in our highest level of precision yet on a filter. These rectangular filters fit into most common Nikon, Zeiss, and Olympus fluorescence microscopes. High Performance Fluorescence Dichroic Filters are a perfect complement to our TECHSPEC® Fluorescence Bandpass Filters. For specific wavelength or size requirements, numerous custom options are available.

See the table below for more information:

Filter Type                      Transmitted Wavefront (RMS)         Surface Quality         Surface Flatness (P-V)        R(avg)      T(avg)

HP Dichroic                         λ/10                                                40-20                          λ/2                             >98%        >90%

Fluorescence Dichroics         1λ                                                  60-40                          -                                >98%        >90%

Dichroic Longpass                λ/4                                                 40-20                          -                                >97%         >85%

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