Heraeus Celcion(TM) Announces Proven Performance Benefits for LED Lighting Applications

-- Industry Leading Materials System Demonstrates Exceptional Reliability

HANAU, Germany and WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pennsylvania -- Heraeus Precious Metals, world leader in industrial precious and specialty metals, is pleased to announce the continuing performance growth and reliability of Celcion(TM).

Celcion(TM) is a thick film material system designed to produce electronic circuits for LED lighting on aluminum substrates. It is a highly efficient alternative to traditional metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCBs) and offers several significant advantages:

-- Typically 10 degrees C or more cooler

-- Long Term reliability

-- Higher Output

-- Longer LED life

-- Lower material consumption

-- Simplified bill of materials

Heraeus Celcion(TM) is able to take the same fit as MCPCBs however delivers increased thermal connectivity and high dielectric breakdown strength. It incorporates a selective additive deposition process using material only where it's needed, resulting in less material consumption and a simplified bill of materials. Through use of a limited amount of material and the removal of interface materials that increase thermal resistance, Celcion(TM) provides a more direct connection to the aluminum heat sink, reducing the need for heat spreading layers and reducing the thermal footprint. Celcion(TM) circuits typically run 10 degrees C or more cooler than MCPCBs. Because Celcion(TM) circuits run cooler, one can increase the power output thereby reducing the number of LEDs needed by up to 20%. This decreases production costs without sacrificing performance. Heraeus Celcion(TM) is ideal for high-power applications, including high-power LED substrates (>1W input) found in general illumination, signs, signals and displays with noted increased performance benefits in other applications such as power electronics and heaters.

With the successful completion of environmental stress testing, the Heraeus Celcion(TM) system has proven long-term reliability. This is a necessary requirement for satisfying the high demands of customers. Celcion(TM) passed tests under some of the most severe conditions of many customers' applications demonstrating high levels of dependability.

About the Circuits & Components Business Unit of Heraeus

Following the tradition to focus on markets and to offer a comprehensive product portfolio, Heraeus combines two business units supplying component materials.

Launched in January 2014, the new Circuits & Components Business Unit emerged from the former Thick Film and Components Businesses. The core activities focus on thick film pastes together with class leading Clevios(TM) conductive polymer capacitor materials. Using internal synergies enables Heraeus to offer even more customized solutions.

As a market leader in the production of thick film pastes and passive components metallizations, Heraeus Circuits & Components offers a broad range of resistor, dielectric, resinate and conductor pastes, capacitor terminations and inner electrodes, as well as precious metal powders and LTCC systems. The different types of pastes - applicable to various substrate materials like alumina, aluminum and steel - are used e.g. for the manufacturing of electronic circuits, passive components, sensors, fuel senders, fuel cells and transmission controls. Furthermore thick printing copper conductor pastes serve amongst others the power electronic industry.

Clevios(TM) conductive polymers are essential to achieve low ESR, low leakage current, good reliability and long lifetime in electrolytic capacitors. Because of its high conductivity and outstanding temperature stability, 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene (PEDOT), is widely used in anodes in the capacitor industry. Clevios(TM) materials are used to manufacture traditional polymer type tantalum and aluminum capacitors, as well as new cutting edge High Voltage devices.   Clevios(TM) products offered are ready-to-use Clevios(TM) K types and, for in-situ polymerization, Clevios(TM) M monomer along with Clevios(TM) C oxidizer.

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Heraeus, the precious metals and technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a global, private company with more than 160 years of tradition. Our fields of competence include precious metals, materials and technologies, sensors, biomaterials and medical products, quartz glass, and specialty light sources. In the financial year 2012 Heraeus generated product revenues of EUR4.2 billion and precious metal trading revenues of EUR16 billion. With more than 12,200 employees in over 100 subsidiaries worldwide, Heraeus holds a leading position in its global markets.

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