Heidelberg Instruments, GmbH, Announces the Order of an Advanced Maskless Lithography System by a Major Japanese Based customer

Heidelberg, Germany, November 8, 2006: Heidelberg Instruments, GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany, a leading supplier of direct write laser lithography systems, announced the sale of an advance MW800fbm to a major company in Japan. This system will be used for production of high end display components.

MW800fbm is the latest generation of maskless lithography systems supplied by Heidelberg Instruments for production of large area precision photomasks in various markets, including the demanding display applications. With an address grid down to 20nm and fast throughput, this system is an ideal solution for high end applications.

"We are receiving very positive feedback from the industry to our MW800fbm system. This system will introduce a competitive solution to the high end, large area photomask producers, offering great performance with a low cost of ownership." stated Alexander Forozan, Vice President of World Wide Sales and Marketing, Heidelberg Instruments, GmbH.

About Heidelberg Instruments, GmbH: With an installation base in over 30 countries, Heidelberg Instruments is a world leader in production of high precision maskless lithography systems. These systems are used for direct writing and photomask production by some of the most prestigious universities and industry leaders in the areas of MEMS, BioMEMS, Nano Technology, ASICS, TFT, Plasma Displays, Micro Optics, and many other related applications.

Heidelberg Instruments, GmbH
Britta Abler
Email: britta.abler@himt.de

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