Heatsinks are designed for TO-264 devices.

Press Release Summary:

At 27 mm long, MV/MA 101 and 301 heatsinks hold 2 TO-264 devices with single spring clip. This eliminates need for mounting holes and screws and provides same amount of force after repeated use. At 38 mm tall, R2 Series is offered in TO-264 configuration with cam-clip that secures device without mounting holes or screws. W Series, featuring integrated spring clip, is also designed to secure TO-264 device. All heatsinks are available with degreased, black, or anodized finishes.

Original Press Release:

New Ohmite Heatsinks Designed for TO-264 Devices

Arlington Heights, IL - In response to customer requests for innovative TO-264 device heatsink solutions, Ohmite Manufacturing has added eight new heatsink designs to their growing range.

The new 27mm long MV/MA 101 and 301 heatsinks are designed to hold two TO-264 devices with a single spring clip. The clip eliminates the need for mounting holes and screws, and provides the same amount of force after repeated use. Product details can be viewed at www.ohmite.com/catalog/pdf/m-sink.pdf.

The 38mm tall R2 Series is now offered in a TO-264 configuration with a cam-clip to secure a device without the need for mounting holes or screws. Product details are at www.ohmite.com/catalog/pdf/r2-sink.pdf

The final new addition is the W Series which have an integrated spring clip and are designed to secure the TO-264. There is more information on the W Series at www.ohmite.com/catalog/pdf/w-sink.pdf

All of the new heatsinks are available in either degreased, black or anodized finishes. Prices range from $1.67 to $5.92 in 100 piece quantities depending on surface finish and configuration.

In business since 1925, Ohmite Manufacturing is a global supplier of fixed and variable power resistors as well as heatsink solutions and electronic hardware. For more information on Ohmite products and local distributors go to www.ohmite.com.

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