Hardy Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Industry's First Rockwell PLC Weighing Modules

SAN DIEGO, CA – Hardy Process Solutions (www.hardysolutions.com) is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its breakthrough process weighing PLC Plug-in modules. Hardy was the first weighing company to engineer and manufacture PLC Plug-In Weight modules, which are used in applications including: batching/blending, filling/dispensing, check weighing, level by weight, rate control and rate monitoring. Available in single scale or dual scale configurations, the modules transfer clean, accurate weight data directly to the PLC/PAC, which uses its rack I/O for application control. Modules communicate over the backplane of the PLC, which means no other interface or communication wiring, routers or switches are needed, and writing special communications drivers is unnecessary.

Hardy’s modules are the result of long and collaborative relationships with Allen-Bradley® and Rockwell Automation®. Hardy’s proprietary technology was essential in developing the products Allen-Bradley envisioned to meet specific customer needs. Today, Hardy modules are available for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix®, CompactLogix®, Micro800® or SLC500 chassis. Integration is easy with free Add-on Profiles, free Faceplates/AOIs for HMIs and direct backplane connectivity.

• HI 1756-WS and 1756-2WS Single and Dual ControlLogix® Weigh Scale Modules: Released in 2004, these modules mount directly into an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC Chassis to read weight and diagnostic data using a 24-bit A/D converter from one or two separate sets of strain gauge load sensors or load cells and communicate this data over the I/O chassis backplane to the ControlLogix Processor at 100 times per second.

• HI 1769-WS and 1769-2WS CompactLogix® Module: Released in 2000 and 2002 respectively, thes modules read and condition weight and diagnostic data from strain gauge load sensors or load cells using a 24-bit A/D converter up to 100 times per second. They  communicate this data over the I/O chassis backplane to the CompactLogix PLC processor. The 1769-WS won ‘Breakthrough Product of the Year’ from Processing Magazine in 2004.

• Easy 8 Micro800 Weigh Scale Module: Released in 2012 and built for the entry-level Allen-Bradley Micro800 programmable controller, Hardy’s Easy 8TM is a low-cost, single channel plug-in module that reads, conditions and digitizes load cell sensor and strain gauge signals commonly found in process weighing applications. Using a 16-bit A/D converter, the Easy 8 updates the controller at 55 times per second

• HI 1769-FC and HI 1756-FC: Released in 2004, Plug-in Loss-in-weight Feeder Control (FC) modules contain field proven algorithms that automatically calculate and adjust tuning parameters required to maintain desired loss-in-weight flow rates. These modules use the PLC/PAC’s rack’s I/O to control a variety of material-flow applications, with auger, belt, or vibratory feeders.

• HI 1756-1DF and HI 1756-2DF: Released in 2010, the HI 1756-nDF ControlLogix Dispenser/Filler modules are the easy answer to a variety of material feed applications, especially, when speed and accuracy of the feed are paramount to the process. The module batches, fills or dispenses aggregates, granulates, liquids or gases, handling the entire feed process.

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Headquartered in San Diego, California, Hardy Process Solutions has been providing customers with process control solutions since 1918 and is best known for its innovative technology. The company prides itself on its ability to continuously provide superior product quality and excellent customer support.

Hardy, an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer, currently services the food, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, feed grain, mining & metal, pulp & paper, oil and gas, power, and general automation industries. We have developed the most interface connection options in the process industry, including DeviceNet, ControlNet, EtherNet, EtherNet/IP, Profibus, Modbus TCP, Analog, and Serial.

Hardy Process Solutions is also a proud Encompass® Global Partner with Rockwell Automation®. We are an industrial scale company, offering accurate weighing scales including floor scales, load cells, platform scales, and more. Our plug-in weigh scale modules fit directly into MicroLogix 1500, CompactLogix, ControlLogix, SLC 500, and Micro800 Allen-Bradley PLCs.

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