Handheld Device takes nip width measurements.

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P-Nip® provides operators of rollers, laminators, coaters, and printers, with rolls under 39 in. long, means to get instant spot readings of nip width. Accurate to ±2%, portable electronic device captures nip readings at multiple discrete locations across roller sets' face length. Solution consists of LCD display and replaceable sensor finger that extends from top. Designed for nips that are 1/16-½ in., unit records reading within seconds and includes memory for reading storage.

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Introducing P-Nip®, the World's First Handheld Nip Width Measurement Device

Nip readings are now instantaneous and easily accomplished!

Madison, NJ (USA) - July 19, 2007 - Operators of rollers, laminators, coaters, and printers with rolls less than 39 inches (1 meter) in length can now get instant spot readings of nip width using P-Nip®, the innovative new tool developed by Sensor Products Inc.

This handheld portable electronic device allows the capture of nip readings at multiple discrete locations across the roller sets' face length (cross direction) as determined by the user. It is designed for nips that are 1/16 to ½ inches (1.6 to 12.7 millimeters).

Similar in size to a PDA, P-Nip® consists of an LCD display with a small replaceable sensor finger that extends from the top (pictured below). Recording the spot values simply involves inserting this sensor "finger" into your nip. P-Nip's memory allows you to store your readings for later comparison and evaluation.

P-Nip® Shown Positioned in a Roller Set

P-Nip® is ideal for quick, yet accurate (± 2%) nip measurements. Readings can be recorded within seconds with no set up time required. Precise nip measurement is imperative to perform proper roll alignment and to extend roll cover life. Significant cost savings can be realized by maintaining proper roller alignment by virtue of improved yield as well as extended cover life.

Printers, converters, and manufacturers of other processes where webs are conveyed between rolls have long been seeking an inexpensive and portable means to quickly measure nip," says Jeffrey G. Stark, CEO of Sensor Products Inc. "P-Nip® directly addresses this need."

For more information about P-Nip®, or to see the power of P-Nip® first-hand at your facility, contact Sensor Products Inc. at 1-973-884-1755 (USA), e-mail info@sensorprod.com, or visit their website at www.sensorprod.com to view their entire line of nip products and services

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