GPIB to I²C Interface Board minimizes wiring, expands control.

Press Release Summary:

Used for controlling I²C devices from GPIB Bus, Model 4802 provides I²C serial bus, 8-bit parallel bus, and asynchronous serial interface. I²C signals control devices that comply with I²C Specification v3.0 dated June 2007 and also with SMBus Specification 2.0 when used in Standard Mode with 100 kHz bit rate. This IEEE-488.2 compatible interface board may also be used in Fast Mode with 400 kHz bit rate and Fast Plus Mode with 1 MHz bit rate.

Original Press Release:

Model 4802 Gpib to I2C Interface Announced by ICS Electronics

PLEASANTON, CA. Today ICS Electronics announced a new GPIB-to-I2C Interface for controlling I2C devices from the GPIB Bus. Some test chassis have many multi-line devices such as rotary switches, attenuators etc., that up to now have been controlled by parallel lines from a GPIB to Digital Interface card. Increasing the number of parallel lines on the digital interface boards has run into a practical limit that still results in designs limited by a shortage of digital I/O lines and complicated by extremely bulky chassis wiring. ICS's 4802 I2C Interface Board provides a way for test equipment designers to control a large number of dispersed I2C chips that can drive more devices in their test chassis and at the same time simplify the chassis wiring.

ICS's Model 4802 GPIB-to-I2C Interface Board is an IEEE-488.2 compatible interface board that provides an I2C serial bus, an 8-bit parallel bus and an asynchronous serial interface to control digital devices. The 4802's I2C signals control devices that comply with the I2C Specification Version 3.0 dated June 2007 and also with the SMBus Specification 2.0 when used in the Standard Mode with a 100 kHz bit rate. The 4802 may also be used in the Fast Mode with a 400 kHz bit rate and the Fast Plus Mode with a 1 MHz bit rate. The 4802's I2C bus is a small, 10-conductor flat ribbon cable with the extra control and feedback lines that enable a complete system design.

The 4802's parallel interface consists of an 8-bit, bi-directional data bus, an 8-bit address bus and handshake lines to facilitate the data transfer with many types of digital devices and logic designs. The user can set the logic polarity for the data, address and handshake lines to mate with existing logic. The 4802's asynchronous serial I/O is like a standard 3-wire, RS-232 COM port but with TTL levels for driving devices with serial interfaces. TTL levels were chosen since the signal runs are short and are contained in the host chassis.

Pricing for the Model 4802 is $345 each in quantities of 1 to 4 units, FOB Pleasanton, California. Delivery is 3 to 4 weeks ARO. Each 4802 includes a full manual and a Support CD with a configuration program for configuring the three I/O ports.

ICS Electronics is a pioneer and leader in the design and development of IEEE 488 Bus support products, Serial, VXI bus and Ethernet interface products. ICS's GPIB product line includes GPIB Controllers, Interfaces, Expanders, Extenders and GPIB support products.

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