Georgia Institute of Technology Wins Induction Heating System

April 16, 2007

The Material Science and Engineering Department at Georgia Institute of Technology has been awarded a HOTSHOT 2 kW induction heating system valued at $8600.

The Ameritherm HOTSHOT 2 kW system was installed in their new laboratory and is being used in a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) apparatus as part of the cold wall reactor.

Professor Hamid Garmestani, leader of the Laboratory of Micromechanics of Material, is an authority in texture research focused on microstructure/property relationship in advanced materials.

"Crystals form grains, which when oriented in different ways make texture, states Dr. Garmestani. Induction heating is perfect for this application. Our lab is space-constrained and the HOTSHOT system is not only compact but also provides precise, concentrated heat to a very small area."

Induction heating is being used as part of research in the manufacture of fuel cell materials, ceramic electrolytes, high temperature nanotubes and novel composites that combine these materials.

Georgia Institute of Technology won the HOTSHOT system during the Ambrell group of companies' world-wide induction heating system give-away. Their crystal vapor deposition application was one of hundreds of induction heating applications submitted during the contest. Other applications included brazing, soldering, heat treating, curing, shrink fitting, melting and metal to plastic heat staking.

About Ambrell Group

Ameritherm, Inc., Cheltenham Induction Heating Ltd. and Ameritherm France SARL are combined under a common banner: Ambrell. These induction heating pioneers provide over sixty years of induction expertise. Products offered under the Ambrell brand are available through offices, distributors or representatives in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, India and Australia. Development, manufacturing, sales, application engineering and services at the regional level provide advanced products and solutions.

The Ambrell group has 20 technological patents with installations in over 40 countries. Extensive product and applications information including video demonstrations are featured at the Ambrell website,

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