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Ambrell Induction Heating Solutions

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Induction Heater fosters safe and serviceable deployment.

Nov 10, 2015

Making induction processes safe and serviceable, EKOHEAT products are built using universal PCB and feature Versatile Performance Architecture (VPA) technology. EKOHEAT VPA integrates into manufacturing systems or performs as stand-alone induction heating solution. AUTOSCAN capability lets user expand use of product beyond its current application, industrial Ethernet communication capabilities... Read More

HVAC, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Induction Heating Systems combine modularity and versatility.

Aug 21, 2014

Comprising 72 models with ratings from 10–1,200 kW and frequencies from 750 Hz to 150 kHz, EKOHEAT systems are parallel resonant with multiple tap transformer configurations to enable matching of part. Power can be added to each system as requirements change, and direct offline inverter and power factor in excess of 0.9 promote efficacy. Along with ability to change capacitance in... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Induction Heaters feature 370-528 Vac capability.

Apr 26, 2007

Capable of 4U rack mounting, EASYHEAT CE-rated Heaters provide 4.2, 6, 9, and 10 kW power levels. Units include multi-language display, ability to set user-defined heating profiles, and ability to alert operator of changes in tap settings. Weighing 36 lb, heaters maintain operation even under harsh conditions. Power supply has option to be controlled remotely through serial interface. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Induction Heating Systems provide clean, non-contact heating.

Nov 30, 2006

Available in 25-135 kW models, EKOHEAT induction heating systems are CE rated and offer 352-528 Vac capability. Modular systems allow placement of heating units up to 100 ft from power supply, which can be remotely controlled through serial interface. Able to maintain operation even under harsh conditions, EKOHEAT features include ability to set user-defined heating profiles and multi-language... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems

Power Supply delivers up to 7.5 kW at 150-400 kHz.

Sep 23, 2004

HOTSHOT(TM) models produce 3.5, 5, or 7.5 kW of precision induction heating from 150-400 kHz for manufacturing processes requiring quick, clean sources of heat. Portable unit measures 17 x 21 x 5¼ in. and weighs 35 lb. Applications include heating electrically conductive metals in automotive, aerospace, fastener, fiber optic, and medical industries in applications such as: annealing, melting,... Read More

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