Gemite Announce Geopolymer Disruptive Technology Breakthrough

Easily convert waste materials into high-performance construction materials and products, while substantially increasing profit margins.

Toronto, Dec. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Gemite® Products Inc. has been developing and manufacturing advanced specialty materials for decades, and Gemite materials and systems have been field tested and verified to extend life span of deteriorated structures to over 50 years.

Geopolymers represent a disruptive technology in chemical and fire protection, and insulating coatings markets, due to its exceptional resistance to strong acids and very high temperatures - in excess of 800 °C (1,500 °F). They use only inorganic ("waste") materials, making them environmentally friendly and energy saving, since they do not use any petroleum products.

Igor Nikolajev, President of Gemite Products Inc.: "Our Technological Advantage is that we can repurpose local fly ash or slag into geopolymer coatings, mortars or precast products. Using customized mix designs, waste and inexpensive raw materials are transformed into high-performance products with significantly higher added value, and significantly less expensive than high-cost polymer materials currently used."

Geopolymers cure chemically, instead of hydration, and have similar workability and feel as cement, but with an extended Service Life. Geopolymer chemical structure delivers high durability and superior chemical resistance to strong acids (sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric and acetic – up to 100%). It is also resistant to alkali attack, as well as to very high temperatures and fire. Geopolymers provide superior performance in various exposure conditions in many industries, including power generation, chemical industry, and oil and gas.

Low-density geopolymer coatings provide an excellent fire protection for steel by reducing heat transfer, resisting high temperatures in excess of 800 oC, and due to insensitivity to the moisture present on the steel surface.

Blast furnace slag (iron production waste) and fly ash (coal-fired power generation waste) can be converted into high profit materials using chemical activation.

Geopolymer Technical Parameters can be customized for Specific Application. Density can be varied from low density insulating materials to high density concrete, and chemical resistance from acids (up to 100%), to a combination of acids and alkali, all by adjusting formulations.

Corro-Chem™ materials are next-generation geopolymer formulations containing at least 70% raw materials that are significantly cheaper than polymer-based materials, and can be sprayed, troweled, poured and cast. Added benefit of Corro-Chem is the significant carbon footprint reduction, since production, use and chemical reaction creates only a fraction of the CO2 emissions that conventional Portland cement materials produce.

Corro-Admix can be custom tailored to produce geopolymer admixtures from locally supplied fly ash or slag. Low cost, or no value waste materials, can be turned into high value products and substantially increase profits - without requiring large capital investments.

Nikolajev said: "Gemite has developed an extensive database that minimizes time needed to formulate customized products to satisfy performance parameters required, using raw materials from virtually any source. Gemite is looking for Partners to convert waste to money."

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