Gear Pump delivers pulse-free flow.

Press Release Summary:

Able to produce smooth flow for even coating, NPC Series provides predictable fluid delivery via metering precision without fluid slippage. Pump can be cleaned and returned to running status within minutes, and any part that wears can be replaced individually. Modularity enables scalable operation, and 2 available body sizes offers capacities of either .5, 1, and 3 cc/revolution or 5, 10, and 15 cc/revolution.

Original Press Release:

Northern Introduces Pulse Free Pumping

Grantsburg, Wisconsin

Northern® Pump has added a new design to its industry leading line of gear pumps, the NPC Series.

For 100 years, Northern® Pump has been providing the most reliable gear pumps in industry. We pride ourselves on regularly accomplishing for our customers what no other pump company provides. And now we have increased our own performance envelope with our new design, the NPC Series pulse-free gear pumps.

Providing advantages that include:
o Pulse-Free Flow - smooth flow for even coating and higher quality films o Metering Precision - predictable fluid delivery without the fluid slippage common in the average pump, even at low viscosities.
o Fast and Complete Break Down, Cleaning and Reassembly - the system can be quickly cleaned and be back up and running in minutes o Total Overhaul Capability - As any part wears, simply replace that part and not the entire pump.
o Modularity - For example: a 5 cc/rev pump can be easily converted to a 15 cc/rev pump within minutes for ultimate system flexibility. Connection style and seal options are also available - custom configurations are never a problem for us.
o Extensive Chemical Compatibility - Stainless steel and fluorochemical construction

The NPC Series is currently available in two body sizes; the smaller has capacities of .5, 1 and 3 cc/revolution while the larger version has capacities of 5, 10 and 15 cc/revolution.

The NPC Series is truly an advance in the state of the art for gear pump technology... take advantage of it by installing an NPC Series pump in your equipment. Call Angie Carter today at 1-800-366-1410 or visit our website at

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