GaN Pallet targets L-band radar systems.

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Operating over instantaneous frequency band of 1,200–1,400 MHz, Model IGNP1214M1300-GPS contains bias sequencing and RF-activated gate biasing circuitry that help minimize output noise and simplify system integration. Under 300 µs, 10% pulse conditions, 50 Ω matched device supplies minimum of 1,300 W peak output power with typically >12 dB gain and 55% efficiency from 50 V supply voltage.

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Integra Announces New 1300W GaN L-band Pallet

Ready-to-Sample 1300W, 1200-1400 MHz GaN Pallet

San Francisco, CA (USA) –  Integra Technologies, Inc. (ITI), a leading designer & manufacturer of high-power RF transistors, pallets and amplifiers, announces the release of a 1300W 50 ohm matched GaN pallet, IGNP1214M1300-GPS, for L-band Radar systems.

“This state-of-the-art GaN product places Integra Technologies at the forefront of the Lband Radar pallet market”, says Apet Barsegyan, Integra’s Vice-President and COO. “The pallet contains bias sequencing and RF-activated gate biasing circuitry that greatly helps in reducing output noise and simplifying system integration.”

About IGNP1214M1300-GPS:

IGNP1214M1300-GPS operates over the instantaneous frequency band of 1200-1400 MHz. Under 300µs, 10% pulse conditions, it supplies a minimum of 1300W of peak output power with typically >12 dB gain and 55% efficiency from a 50V supply voltage.

Samples and Availability

The IGNP1214M1300-GPS pallet is available immediately for sampling. For pricing and delivery, please email

About Integra Technologies

Integra is the premier supplier of high power pulsed transistors and pallets to the Avionics, Radar, Communications and ISM industries, with an enviable portfolio covering frequency bands in the VHF/UHF, L-band, S-band and C-band, for commercial, military and defense markets. Integra services these markets with a variety of semiconductor technologies including VDMOS, LDMOS, bipolar and GaN-on-SiC.

Privately owned and operated, Integra employs nearly 100 people at its world headquarters located in El Segundo, CA. Integra’s patented technology starts with an allgold metallization process for all elements of the die fabrication process to ensure the highest reliability in the industry. With a team of highly knowledgeable RF designers ready to offer application support, Integra offers standard and custom solutions with both discrete devices and integrated pallets for a commanding presence in the global marketplace. With 2 decades of experience, ISO-certified Integra Technologies provides the best of both worlds: Fast response and Ample production capacity. All devices are 100%-screened for large-signal parameters.

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