Freudenberg-NOK's FluoroXprene® Materials Recognized as Game-Changing Supplier Innovation

PLYMOUTH, Mich. -- Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership's long-standing commitment to cutting-edge research and innovative products has garnered new praise in the auto industry.

The company's FluoroXprene® fluoroelastomer, a unique family of thermoplastic materials that process like plastic but have the flexibility and resistance of elastomers, has been chosen as a finalist in the 2011 Automotive News PACE Awards competition. The Automotive News PACE Awards annually honor automotive suppliers whose products and processes demonstrate superior innovation, technological advancement, and business performance in the industry. The awards are recognized globally as a benchmark for innovation.

"We are pleased that Freudenberg-NOK's FluoroXprene materials have been recognized in this esteemed competition for their potential game-changing applications in the industry," said Joe Walker, corporate director, Material Development, Freudenberg-NOK. "Freudenberg-NOK is heavily committed to research and development on behalf of its customers and awards of this nature, from an independent panel of industry judges, exemplify the success of this commitment."

Freudenberg-NOK researchers spent six years developing FluoroXprene materials in response to the highly specialized product needs of its customers. The product is a mixture of two highly fluorinated materials that behave like rubber when combined. The specialized manufacturing methods used to produce this material allow Freudenberg-NOK to customize formulations to address performance requirements such as stiffness, hardness, fluid resistance, useful temperature range, color and compression.

"FluoroXprene fluoroelastomers bridge the gap between polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and rubber," said Dr. Luis Lorenzo, chief technology officer, Freudenberg-NOK. "Their composition is highly flexible and can be customized to meet the highly variable component needs of our customers. Until now, conventional plastics and rubbers have not successfully addressed some of the unique performance requirements certain automotive applications demand such as improved chemical resistance and low permeability. FluoroXprene materials have passed all of our customers' assembly and use protocols and provide unparalleled application opportunities in the industry."

The 2011 Automotive News PACE Awards will be presented April 11, 2011 at the Max M. Fisher Music Center in Detroit.

About Freudenberg-NOK

Founded in 1989, Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership based in Plymouth, Michigan, is known as a world-leading manufacturer of precision-manufactured products for a variety of markets, including automotive, aerospace, appliance, diesel engine, agriculture and construction, marine, off-highway equipment, energy and recreational vehicles.

Today, Freudenberg-NOK is recognized by its global customers as a valued development partner and technology specialist. A leader in innovative business approaches, the company was an early adopter of Six Sigma quality practices. Freudenberg-NOK has earned the reputation as a benchmark in North American lean practices.

Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership is the Americas joint venture between Freudenberg and Company in Germany and NOK Corporation in Japan. Together, Freudenberg and NOK Group Companies make up the world's largest producer of elastomeric seals and custom molded products. Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership has annual revenues approaching $1 billion.

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