Forging Lubricant wets dies at temperatures to 1,000°F.

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Heavy-duty, water-based Grade FW-3361 contains micro-fine graphite and EP additives to forge difficult, warm or hot, ferrous, non-ferrous, and super alloy metals. Also suited as back-extrusion lubricant, product can be used on dies with temperatures from 250 to 1000°F. Lubricant dilutes with water and is spray applied to dies for best results. Dilution ratios depend on job severity, and are usually 5:1 or greater.

Original Press Release:

New Ultra-High Temperature Forging Lubricant

July, 2003

Dylon Industries Inc. has developed Grade FW-3361 a heavy-duty ultra high temperature forging lubricant. Grade FW-3361 is a water-based, forging lubricant that contains micro-fine graphite and special EP additives.

Dylon Grade FW-3361 is designed to forge difficult, warm or hot ferrous, non-ferrous and super alloy metals. Grade FW-3361 is also suitable as a back extrusion lubricant. The unique difference of Grade FW-3361 is its ability to wet dies that are hotter than usual. Grade FW-3361 can be used on dies with temperatures from 250°F - 1000°F (121°C - 538°C). This heavy-duty lubricant provides outstanding metal movement and superior anti-solder properties for the most demanding of forging operations. It provides superior release properties and works where other lubricants can't.

Dylon Grade FW-3361 provides the enhanced lubrication and die cooling demanded by today's progressive forging operations. These properties provide an extension in die life that results in less downtime and reduced scrap rates.

Dylon Grade FW-3361 is designed to dilute easily with water. Dilution ratios depend on the severity of the job, but are usually 5:1 (five parts water to one part concentrate) or greater. Grade FW-3361 can be spray applied to dies. Best results are obtained when the diluted Grade FW-3361 is sprayed by conventional methods. Spraying is highly recommended because it produces the most uniform coatings and better control of metal movement.

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