Flow-Control Valve works in fluid dispensing systems.

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With No-Drip® carbide ball-end needle and hardened seat, 2200-087 Series starts or stops flow of pressure-fed materials. It handles low- to high-viscosity and abrasive materials and is suited for material-delivery systems. Featuring ¾ in. NPT inlet and outlet ports, all-pneumatic, double-acting valve aids in pump and meter-system inlet and outlet fluid-flow management. It is rated for 4,000 psi and can be used with fluid regulator.

Original Press Release:

New Valve Controls Fluid Flow for a Variety of Components in Fluid Delivery, Metering and Dispensing Systems

PLYMOUTH, MI -- Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc.'s new 2200-087 Series Flow-Control Valve is designed to start or stop the flow of pressure-fed materials quickly and effectively. With its No-Drip® carbide ball-end needle and hardened seat, the Flow Control Valve is designed to handle low- to high-viscosity and abrasive materials such as adhesives, sealants and lubricants. It controls the flow of fluid materials and chemicals in both material-delivery and fluid-dispensing systems.

The 2200-087 Series all-pneumatic, double-acting valve is ideal for both pump and meter-system inlet and outlet fluid-flow management. The valve has 3/4"-NPT inlet and outlet ports and is rated for 4,000 PSI. It can be used with a fluid regulator to stop bypass flow and to maintain down-stream pressure after closing.

The Flow Control Valve also is used as a high-viscosity or high-flow dispense valve in automated, repetitive or high-speed dispensing applications, such as fixtured automation or robot-tool-mounted dispensing. It may be mounted to fixed or movable tooling or brackets and activated by automation, hand or footswitch actuator.

Sealant's 2200-087 Series Flow Control Valve features hardened internal components and wear-resistant seals. It is available in stainless steel for dispensing highly corrosive materials.

Detailed information about the valve is available at www.sealantequipment.com/dispensevalves-1part.htm - 2200-087

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