Flexible Die Coating repels most aggressive adhesives.

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Providing clear, non-stick finish that will not flake off, Repel(TM) Coating offers silicone-based layer of protection for many different applications. Product keeps die flexible and prevents adhesive or label material from embedding in cavities. Coating is also suitable for cold foil applications where it minimizes likelihood that thin foil material will stick in base of die.

Original Press Release:

Bunting® Introduces Groundbreaking New Flexible Die Coating

NEWTON, KS - Bunting® Magnetics Co. has developed an unrivaled new coating for its Flexible Die product line called Repel(TM). This economical coating provides a clear, non-stick finish that repels the most aggressive adhesives.

"The Repel(TM) coating keeps the die very flexible and prevents adhesive or label material from embedding in the cavities of a die," stated Mike Wilks, Bunting® General Manager for our Flexible Die Division. "It won't flake off like other coatings do, giving our customers less downtime and better dies cuts."

Repel(TM) gives Bunting® clients a strong silicone-based layer of protection for many different applications. Many tag and label manufacturers will use different types of foam in the production line to keep material from sticking in the cavity of the flexible dies they are using. The Repel(TM) coating reduces the need to use foam in some applications and helps manufacturers create a cleaner production environment and reduce their total cost. This coating is also suitable for cold foil applications. It reduces the likelihood that thin foil material will stick in the base of a die. The silicone base of the coating enhances foil release, from the tight fit typical of these applications.

The Repel(TM) coating gives Bunting® a diverse range of coating options to offer our customers. Bunting® also has available our Diamond and Black Diamond coatings which increase the hardness of our flexible dies to a level not measured by the world-renown Rockwell Scale for Hardness. Our customers have four choices to chose from because our standard process is to 100% chemically nickel harden our dies.

"These coatings allow our flexible dies to run four times longer than ordinary dies," stated Wilks. "The Diamond and Black Diamond coating process makes our dies highly resistant to cracking and chipping which helps quadruple the life of the die. Combined now with the Repel(TM) coating, it allows Bunting® to offer our customers the best combination of magnetic printing cylinders and flexible dies available."

Our Diamond branded coating is the perfect choice for die cutting thermal transfer label stock. It makes our dies very resistant to corrosion. Our Black Diamond coating is the ideal choice for reducing die lifting. It increases the performance for small, tight corner die cutting applications including die cutting stamps. The Black Diamond coating creates lower friction which allows a flexible die to be used with aggressive adhesives without gumming up the dies. Thus, it gives a printing operation more flexibility to offer their customers.

For more information on these Flexible Die coatings, please visit www.flexdies.com. For information on the rest of Bunting's full product line, visit the company's web site at www.buntingmagnetics.com or write Bunting Magnetics Co., 500 S. Spencer Avenue, PO Box 468, Newton, KS 67114-0468; call 1-800-835-2526 (US & Canada) or 1-316-284-2020; or send e-mail to bmc@buntingmagnetics.com.

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