Flat Fan Spray Nozzles suit wide range of applications.

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Covering fan-shaped area on single plane, Flat fan nozzles are suited for use in stationary position on conveyor when target moves through spray or when spray itself is independently moved over target, such as on wand. Nozzles have parabolic distribution and are suited for cleaning, surface treatment, PCB etching, degreasing, phosphating, and foam control applications. Product line includes threaded, tip, deflector, and ball-type as well as clip-on and high pressure nozzles.

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Flat Fan Spray Nozzles

Lechler Inc. has a complete line of flat fan spray nozzles for use in a wide range of spray applications. Flat fan nozzles cover a fan-shaped area on a single plane and are most appropriately used in a stationary position on a conveyor when the target moves through the spray or when the spray itself is independently moved over the target, such as on a wand. Most flat fans have a parabolic distribution, meaning the flow is heavier towards the center of the spray than the edges. This means the nozzles should overlap their coverages on a spray header to provide an even distribution of fluid over the entire spray target. Typical applications for flat fans include cleaning, coating, cooling, lubricating, rinsing, parts washing, high pressure cleaning, surface treatment, printed circuit board etching, degreasing, phosphating, and foam control. Lechler's flat fan line includes threaded nozzles, tip nozzles, deflector nozzles, ball-type nozzles for easier directional spraying, clip-on nozzles which clamp directly to a header pipe, high impact nozzles, and high pressure nozzles. To discuss which flat fan nozzle is the most appropriate for your spray application, contact Lechler. Lechler, Inc., 445 Kautz Rd., St. Charles, IL 60174 800-777-2926, info@lechlerusa.com, www.lechlerusa.com Contact: Chuck Franz Phone: 630-845-6821 E-mail: chuckfranz@lechlerusa.com Web Site: www.lechlerusa.com

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