Five Easy ways to Reduce Your Hydraulic Footprint

Our multi-function valves incorporate two or more functions into a single cartridge valve. By combining functions, not only do we reduce the number of valves in your manifold -- we also reduce space claim, the number of ports, and costly cross drills, while increasing flow passage efficiency.

1. Improve Load-Sensing Efficiency

Our patented SVCL and SPCL valves combine integral piloting and load signaling in a single solenoid-operated on/off or proportional cartridge valve. Reduce your hydraulic footprint and your manifold cost by 15% for directional control and load-holding applications. Streamline your circuit by eliminating external load-sensing shuttle valves and load drop check valves.

2. Reduce Flow Regulation Valve Content

Our EPFRxx dual function valves combine a fixed-flow regulator with a logic element in a single cartridge. These valves are ideal for dynamic load-sensing applications. These dual-function valves reduce hydraulic footprints by combining built-in pressure-compensated flow control and a dynamic load sense flow regulator. Pressure-compensation of the vent orifice enhances the stability of the circuit, allowing it to "go with the flow" with changes in oil viscosity and pressure.

3. Leakage Reduction

Use a SVCV12-20 or SVCV08-20 dual-function valve with built-in reverse flow check to reduce cost in applications that require low leakage. These valves are well-suited for low leakage load-holding or blocking applications. They are unidirectional, making them ideal for singl-20e-acting cylinder applications for flows up to 30 gpm (113.6 lpm). With conventional valves, a solenoid and a separate reverse flow check valve would be required to achieve the same functionality. Using one HydraForce valve instead of two can reduce your hydraulic manifold cost by up to 12%.

4. Combine Bypass and Relief Functions

The SVRV12-26 and SVRV10-26 dual function cartridge valves combine a normally-open solenoid valve with an integral non-adjustable relief valve. These dual-function cartridge valves are ideal for use in hydraulic circuits incorporating a bypass unloading function and system pressure protection. They reduce your hydraulic footprint by reducing the cavity count as well as the distance between your bypass and system relief.

5. Control Your Flow

Our FRRV10-41F and FRRV12-41F two-in-one cartridge valves combine a fixed, pressure compensated, priority flow control with built-in, adjustable relief on the priority leg and an integral damping chamber in the priority section for improved stability. Reduce your HIC footprint by combining two valve functions in a single cartridge to reduce space and system cost. Innovative internal drillings allow this valve to combine priority flow with bypass flow, providing a truly green solution for your application.

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