Firmware suits precision motion control applications.

Press Release Summary:

Ultrasonic Motor Special Firmware lets company use Nanomotion's LS2 ultrasonic motors in its motion control systems. Anti-friction bias alleviates problems when motor stops and power is removed, while deadband capture and 2 sets of PID filters aid in point-to-point control. Firmware holds motor in vibration free mode. Its intuitive, 2-letter commands facilitate ease of programming.

Original Press Release:

Galil Motion Control Offers Special Firmware For Tuning Ultrasonic Motors

Enables Galil Controllers To Connect with Nanomotion's LS2 Ultrasonic Motor

Rocklin, CA., February 5, 2002-Galil Motion Control, the industry pioneer and innovator of motion control technology and solutions, has developed Ultrasonic Motor Special Firmware that enables Galil controllers to provide optimum performance when used with Nanomotion's Brand LS2 Ultrasonic Motors.

"Ultrasonic motors are increasingly being used as an actuator in precise motion control systems. Because of their high level of friction, these motors can hold a position at a standstill without any vibration when the motor is stopped and the power removed," explained Lisa Wade, Galil's VP-Marketing and Sales. "However, the inherent friction can also cause a delay in motion, especially if the motor overshoots. To alleviate this problem, Galil developed special functions, such as anti-friction bias, deadband capture and two sets of PID filters that help with point-to-point control of the ultrasonic motor."

The modified firmware speeds up the settling time and holds the motor in a vibration free mode, resulting in a significant reduction in settling time, in comparison with standard firmware. The firmware features Galil's simple, intuitive 2-letter commands to facilitate quick and easy programming.

Galil offers the Ultrasonic Motor Special Firmware for a one time $400.00 fee and is immediately available for shipment from stock.

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