Factory Floor xCoupler Module Now Supports Database Views For Faster Configuration

Knoxville, TN xCoupler data exchange modules for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers) now supports database Views to reduce configuration time between the business system the PAC by approximately 50%. This feature enables the module to read only the tables selected by the database administrator and linked data from several tables into one virtual table. This capability and the commonly used Views supplied with the xCoupler module, reduce the number of event triggers that need to be configured.

These modules provide a robust, simple and low cost way to support initiatives such as business intelligence, data warehousing, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management and others. They can be setup in 60 minutes or less to configure specific plant floor devices with a database to execute commands, download/confirm batch recipes, create reports and alerts and provide a variety of instructions.

xCoupler modules eliminate the security, virus and data integrity problems associated with complex PC-based multi-tier systems used to exchange plant floor data with business systems. The modules operating system is virtually immune to security problems and virus attacks and provides exceptional data accuracy and timeliness. Plant floor devices cannot affect the operation of the xCoupler module and the modules operation cannot affect plant floor devices.

Administration, security and transaction set up of these modules is accomplished with the xCoupler modules WorkBench configuration tool. Its drag and drop operation and intuitive display of device tags make setup simple and easy with no special programming skills required. It also eliminates the need for enterprise drivers, control systems drivers and upgrade maintenance in the future. In addition to IBM, Microsoft and Oracle databases, the WorkBench utility supports configuration of xCoupler modules with IBM WebSphere MQ messaging systems.

xCoupler modules are providing convergence between plant and IT operations with a simple to install and configure information appliance that allows unobtrusive operation on the plant floor while supplying robust, configurable data for the business system. It is being used worldwide in industries such as heavy equipment, automotive, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, metal producing, tire/rubber and others.
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