Extreme Coatings Introduces New Products for Oil and Gas Industry and New Website

St. Petersburg, Florida. Since 1995 Extreme Coatings has offered tungsten carbide coatings to the plastics and rubber industries to extend the life of equipment. "We took a technology with promise, high velocity thermal spray, and adapted it to high wear problems in the plastics industry. We have surpassed 10,000 feedscrews coated so I guess the technology is working well!" said Curt Kadau, company President.

"I am really excited about new opportunities in the Oil and Gas downhole drilling and hydraulic fracturing industry segments where our coating expertise offers a lot of value. Replacing chrome plating with our proprietary carbide coatings significantly increases the life of mud rotors by decreasing the rate of wear caused by fluid cutting. This chrome plating replacement (CPR) also gives our customers the ability to utilize their assets (mud rotors) in high chloride environments where chrome plating does not hold up." 

"We are also proud to introduce our mirror polished surface finish that will increase stator life and in turn decrease fleet owners cost per rotating hour. The result is higher productivity and profitability for this industry."

Mr. Kadau and Sean Litton, Product Manager for Oil & Gas recently attended the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston. "We met with many of our present customers and shared with others the benefits of our coating technology and our mirror surface finish. The surface finish we can provide on mud rotors really turned a lot of heads at the OTC," said Mr. Litton.

Extreme Coatings also launches a newly redesigned website. The new site is more usable with a clean and simple design which includes many user-friendly features.

The new site will incorporate updated case studies, video of the coating process, details of new products and a return to our monthly newsletter. An efficient new search feature helps find products and services by keywords and phrases which can speed a search for the right solution. 

A news section has been set up to provide updates on the newest innovations and techniques as well as upcoming special events. A monthly blog and a new emphasis on social media will encourage interaction between Extreme Coatings and their customers.

Extreme Coatings is excited about this new launch and will be adding new content pages and functionalities over the coming months. Input from users is always appreciated. 

To visit the new site go to www.extremecoating.com or call Extreme Coatings at 888-367-2569 to schedule a plant tour.

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