Ethernet to GPIB Controller provides remote gateway access.

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As VXI-11.2-compliant server, Model 9065 provides access to and enables control of GPIB instruments and devices over company network or Internet from any computer with NIC or TCP/IP interface. VXI-11 service can be accessed either from LabVIEW, VEE, Visual Basic, and C language application programs that call VXI-11 compliant VISA layer or via RPC calls from application program. Solution also includes HTML instrument control page and VXI-11 keyboard program.

Original Press Release:

Model 9065 Ethernet to GPIB Controller Announced by ICS Electronics

PLEASANTON, CA.  — Today ICS Electronics announced a new Ethernet to GPIB Controller for controlling GPIB Instruments and devices over a company network or over the Internet.  Called the Model 9065, this new controller provides access to GPIB instruments from any computer with a NIC interface or to any TCP/IP network.  Typical applications are developing test programs on your workbench, debugging test problems on the production floor, accessing equipment at remote test sites, sharing instruments on a 24/7 basis from anywhere in the world, all from your desktop PC.  The Model 9065 provides a GPIB gateway for any computer (WIN32 PCs, Apple, Sun etc.) with a TCP/IP interface.

The Model 9065 is a VXI-11.2 compliant Server.  VXI-11 is a communication standard developed by the VISA consortium in 1995 in conjunction with the VISA Specification.  The VXI-11.2 sub-standard covers LAN-to-GPIB Interface servers like the 9065.  VXI-11.3 is for LAN controllable instruments.

The 9065 can be controlled in several ways:  The Model 9065's VXI-11 Service can be easily accessed from LabVIEW, VEE, Visual Basic and C language application programs that call a VXI-11 compliant VISA layer.  Just select the 9065 as the TCP/IP resource.  Programmers who do not want to use a VISA library can access the 9065's VXI-11 Service with RPC calls from the application program.  The VXI-11 Standard includes the necessary RPCGen header files for adding RPC calls to any program.  RPC calls are the preferred communication protocol for OS X, Linux or Unix system programmers.  The Model 9065 also includes a html instrument Control page that lets the user control GPIB instruments directly from any web browser.  ICS also includes a VXI-11 Keyboard program which lets a user with a WIN32 computer control the 9065 and the GPIB instruments connected to the 9065 without having to write a program.

The 9065 is a newer, faster version of ICS Electronics 8065 Ethernet-to-GPIB Controller and includes a new html Control page.    The 9065 is 2x to 4x faster than the older 8065.   All programs written for the 8065 will operate with the 9065.

ICS's 9065 Ethernet-to-GPIB Controller has several advantages over competitive products.  First the 9065 is 100% VXI-11.2 and VXI-11.3 compliant.  This means that the 9065 provides the user with full control of the GPIB bus and the ability to perform IEEE-488.2 Controller protocols like Find Listener.  Competitive units mainly operate as VXI-11.3 instruments.  The 9065 supports SRQ handling, serial polling and SRQ notify.  The 9065 supports multiple clients as part of its standard firmware.  Competitive units support just one client or require additional software for a second client.  Instrument access can be locked so that users cannot interfere with an operation being conducted by another user.

The Model 9065 can be configured with any web browser and with ICS's Configuration Utility.  The Configuration Utility runs on a Windows PC and walks the user through a configuration menu to set the 9065's IP Address, GPIB Address, Interface Name and other settings. 

Pricing for the Model 9065 is $755 each is quantities of 1 to 4 units, FOB Pleasanton, California.  Delivery is 1 to 3 weeks ARO.

ICS Electronics is a pioneer and leader in the design and development of IEEE 488 Bus support products, Serial and VXI bus products.  ICS's GPIB product line includes GPIB Controllers, Interfaces, Expanders, GPIB Switches and many more GPIB support products.

ICS Electronics  is headquartered at 7034 Commerce Circle, Pleasanton, CA 94588.  Phone (925) 416-1000.  Contact Jerry Mercola, Marketing Manager for more information.

Trademarks:  LabVIEW is a trademark of National Instruments, Austin TX, VEE is a trademark of Agilent, Palo Alto, CA.

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