Ethernet Switch suits industrial automation systems.

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Skorpion EISK5-100T Ethernet Switch provides five 10/100 Msps shielded RJ-45 ports, and each port supports auto-negotiation protocol to select data rate, duplex, and flow control. Intended for subpanel mounting, unit can be powered from same transformer that is employed to power other automation system equipment. Each port LED is lit solid if valid link exists to attached device, flashes to show activity, and indicates data rate by color.

Original Press Release:

EISK Switch Meets Unique Requirements to Run Industrial Automation Systems More Efficiently

Downers Grove, Illinois (June18, 2004) The overwhelming industry penetration to Ethernet has driven Contemporary Controls to introduce an Ethernet switch for industrial automation systems. The EISK switch (the Skorpion) is purpose-built for special needs, convenient installation, simple and reliable operation, low-voltage input power and above all, low cost. The compact and rugged EISK5-100T addresses such needs.

This Skorpion switch provides five 10/100 Mbps shielded RJ-45 ports and each port supports the auto-negotiation protocol in order to select data rate, duplex and flow control. All five ports are auto-MDI/X compliant; therefore, any port can operate as an uplink port to another switch, eliminating the need for crossover cables in the field. All these features require no operator intervention, making the Skorpion switch beyond doubt Plug and Play.

Joe Stasiek, Sales Manager for Contemporary Controls, feels the EISK5-100T resolves one of the key problems in industrial automation systems and that is convenient mounting in control panels where DIN-rail space is at a premium. "By definition, office-grade equipment is intended for desktop operation requiring a separate power supply that needs to be powered from a 120/230 Volt AC mains circuit," explains Stasiek. "In that case, a shelf must be constructed to mount the unit and a duplex receptacle to be installed inside the control panel."

Stasiek feels end users will be receptive to the Skorpion switch because it's designed for sub-panel mounting. "It can be powered from the same control transformer that is employed to power the other industrial automation system equipment, making installation easy and rugged," adds Stasiek.

The activity LEDs on these units face the technician, thus easing troubleshooting. The label on the unit can be written upon so port connections can be documented as to the location of connected equipment. To aid in troubleshooting, each port LED is lit solid if a valid link exists to an attached device, flashes to show activity and indicates data rate by color: green for 100 Mbps and yellow for 10 Mbps. A separate green LED indicates the device is powered.

The price of the unit is $150. Available from stock. For more information please visit our web site:

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