ESD Protection Device is designed for cell phone USB ports.

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Featuring separate 28 V transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diode, RClamp3654P protects VBus against fault conditions when standard USB port is used for charging battery. It offers transient ESD protection for high-speed data lines to IEC 61000-4-2 15 KV (air) and 8kV (contact), EFT protection to IEC 61000-4-4 40A, and protects USB DP, DM, and ID pin up to 5.5 V. Device comes in leadless 6-pin SLP1616P6 L6 package and meets China's new USB charging requirement YD-T-1591-2006.

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Semtech Introduces Industry's First High Voltage ESD Protection Solution for Mobile Phone USB Battery Charging

New RailClamp Platform Device RClamp3654P Features a Separate 28V TVS
to Protect the VBus Against Fault Conditions During Charging

CAMARILLO, Calif., Oct 21, 2008 -- Semtech Corp. (Nasdaq:SMTC), a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, today announced the RClamp(R)3654P, a unique ESD protection product for battery charging USB ports on mobile phones. It is the only device on the market with a separate 28V transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diode to protect the VBus against fault conditions when the standard USB port is being used for battery charging.

Semtech's RClamp3654P complies with China's new standard for USB charging, making it an ideal component for products targeting that market, or for products that are sold into multiple markets including China. The Technical Requirements and Test Method of Charger and Interface for Mobile Telecommunication Terminal Equipment" (YD/T 1591-2006), announced by China's Minister of Information and Industry (MII) in December 2006, requires all new mobile phones that request network access in China to adopt the new universal battery charger interface.

This effort by the largest mobile phone producing region in the world results in a universal connector for mobile phones, which will benefit the environment by reducing the number of power adapters that are thrown away when a subscriber upgrades to a new phone.

Protecting the VBus against fault conditions during charging is important for many reasons. Standardizing on USB creates protection issues if users think that their cell phone can be connected to any power source that has a USB plug. As USB has been a common interface for various chargers, the adapter output voltage for a device such as a portable player may be well above the 5V defined by the mobile phone adapter standard. Another potential threat could result from faulty adapter designs. Finally, a cell phone's USB interface is constantly exposed to electrostatic discharge (ESD) from the user or cable discharge (CDE) from hot plug cable. To ensure proper functionality, these interface signals and power pins must be protected to meet or exceed the EOS (Electrical over Stress) specification of IEC61000-4-2.

The RClamp3654P features a low capacitance TVS array to protect USB data (D+, D-) and ID (Accessory Detect) pins up to 5V, while maintaining signal integrity. A separate 28V TVS is integrated to protect VBus; it ensures the protection device remains in high impedance during normal USB operation or when the battery is being charged.

The leakage currents are <0.1uA on the USB TVS and <0.25uA on VBus TVS, which results in very low battery drain for portable systems. Its ultra small footprint (1.6 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.6 mm) also makes it an ideal solution for space constrained cell phones.

"Mobile phone manufacturers are eager to use USB for power charging because it can lower their costs. Prior to the availability of this device, manufacturers had to develop their own complex protection designs using differently rated discrete components, which impacted design times and took up board space," said Rick Hansen, Semtech Marketing Director for Protection Products.

"The RClamp3654P combines protection for all lines in a single device, solving the problem with low clamping voltage, ultra low capacitance and ultra small size that are hallmarks of Semtech's RailClamp® products." The RClamp3654P is RoHS and WEEE compliant, which contributes to hazardous waste reduction.

Key Features of the RClamp3654P

o Transient ESD protection for high-speed data lines to IEC 61000-4-2 15KV (air), 8kV (contact)

o EFT protection to IEC 61000-4-4 40A (5/50ns)

o Meets China's new USB charging requirement (YD-T-1591-2006)

o Protects USB DP, DM and ID Pin up to 5.5V

o Protects USB VBus operating up to 28V

o <1.0 pF capacitance on DP, DM and ID pins; no insertion loss up to 2.0GHz

o Package: leadless 6-pin SLP1616P6 L6 (lead free available)

Pricing and Availability

The RClamp3654P (part number: RClamp3654P.TCT) is available immediately in production quantities and is priced at $0.30 each in 1,000-piece lots. Semtech offers comprehensive design assistance, including field- and factory-based support. Data sheets, volume pricing, and delivery quotes, as well as evaluation kits and samples, are available by contacting

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Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors for high-end consumer, computing, communications and industrial equipment. Products are designed to benefit the engineering community as well as the global community. The company is dedicated to reducing the impact it, and its products, have on the environment. Internal green programs seek to reduce waste through material and manufacturing control, use of green technology and designing for resource reduction. Publicly traded since 1967, Semtech is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol SMTC.

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