Epoxy suits opto-electronic assembly applications.

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Silica-filled OPTOCAST 3421 single component adhesive is UV/heat cureable. It exhibits low shrinkage on cure (0.4%, linear) and is ionically clean (max ionic content rated at 15 ppm total Na + K+ Cl8). Result on cure is 85/85 (85°C/85% relative humidity) with 50°C DI water soak resistance. Epoxy has flexural and tensile strengths of 7,000 and 15,000 psi, respectively, and D Hardness rated at 91 (min).

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Low Stress, Low CTE, Low Shrinkage Optical Adhesive Introduced by EMI

EMI introduces OPTOCAST 3421 a low viscosity, low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) UV and/or heat cure epoxy for optical uses. It exhibits low shrinkage on cure and is ionically very clean. The 85/85 (85 degrees celcius/85 percent relative humidity) and its 50°C D.I. water soak resistance are outstanding.

OPTOCAST 3421 is the seventh member of the OPTOCAST 3400 series, all of which are silica filled to varying levels and all display low shrinkage, low CTE and excellent 85/85 results on cure. Their very low CTE - as low as 12 ppm per degrees C - means fixtured components will not go out of focus even after thermal cycling.

There are three other series in the OPTOCAST group in addition to the 3400 series, all dedicated to optoelectronics/fiberoptics.

The 3500 OPTOCAST series are all low viscosity clear products cured by UV alone. They are used where maximum flow and clarity are required. They offer very low shrinkage during cure and are well suited for lazer and optical component applications. Heat curable (HM) versions are also available.

The 3600 OPTOCAST series are two component thermal or room temperature cure systems. They display much superior 50°C degree water soak and 85/85 resistance compared to other widely used thermal cure optical grade epoxies. OPTOCAST 3602 cures rapidly at room temperature but can be accelerated with modest heat, as low as 60°C. Use these where all or most of the epoxy would be shielded from ultraviolet light, such as wicking into fiber bundles or under other components.

The fourth series in the OPTOCAST product group of optical adhesives are the AC-3700 OPTOCAST series. They are high performance UV and/or thermal cure acrylic systems for coating, bonding and encapsulating. They cure extremely fast and are Sulfur Free. The lower viscosity versions are used where good wicking action is required. OPTOCAST AC-3761 has both low viscosity and High Tg for coating and encapsulating. For more information contact Electronic Materials Inc. at phone (970)547-0807, fax (970) 547-0817, e-mail: emi@colorado.net, Web site electronicmatierialsinc.com ,or write to 1814 Airport Road, Breckenridge, CO 80424.

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