Epoxy meets NASA outgassing requirements.

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Supreme10HT/S silver-filled one-component epoxy compound offers service temperature range from cryogenic temperatures up to 400°F. It is electrically conductive and provides chemical resistance and durability, even when exposed to severe environments. Cure is effected by heating at 250°F for approximately 1 hr or 300°F for 30 min. Lap shear strengths exceed 1800 psi. Supreme 10HT/S is resistant to thermal cycling, mechanical shock, and vibration.

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One Component Silver Conductive Adhesive System Meets NASA Outgassing Test Requirements

HACKENSACK, NJ - Jan 30, 2003 -- Master Bond Polymer System Supreme10HT/S is a uniquely formulated silver filled one component epoxy compound with an unsurpassed wide service temperature range from cryogenic service temperatures up to as high as 400°F. This remarkably versatile electrically conductive epoxy composition features high physical strength properties, superior chemical resistance and excellent durability even when exposed to various severe environmental conditions. Additionally it fully meets NASA low outgassing requirements.

Supreme 10HT/S has a shelf life of 3 months at ambient temperatures. The shelf life can be readily extended by storage at lower temperatures. No mixing is needed for use. Cure can be effected by heating at 250°F for approx. 1 hour or 300°F for 30 minutes, less at higher temperatures. A snap cure version called Supreme 10HTSF is available which will cure at 380-400°F in less than 2 minutes. Supreme 10HT/S has excellent bonding properties. Lap shear strengths with properly prepared substrates exceed 1800psi and peel strengths are impressively high. Master Bond Supreme 10HT/S has been acclaimed for outstanding resistance to thermal cycling, mechanical shock and vibration.

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