Epoxy features built-in cure indicator.

Press Release Summary:

CHIPSHIELD 1455HD low-viscosity UV curable epoxy is designed to perform as chip coating both in smart cards and as a protective glob on PC surface-mounted chips. It is cured with long wave UV, 325-380 nm wavelength. Epoxy is light powder blue before cure, and faint rose to amber after cure, indicating cure has been completed. With Tg of 80° C and moisture resistance, chip is assured of stable environment through broad range of thermal excursions.

Original Press Release:

Chipshield U.V. Cured Epoxy For Smart Card Applications - Chipshield 1455HD

EMI announces the release of CHIPSHIELD 1455HD, a low viscosity, UV curable epoxy with built in cure indicator. CHIPSHIELD 1455HD is designed to perform as a chip coating, both in smart cards where a growth in die size demands a firmer coating to stabilize and protect the chip during card flexing, and as a protective glob on PC surface mounted chips. Before cure, CHIPSHIELD 1455HD is a light powder blue, but when UV cured it is a faint rose to amber color, indicating that cure has been completed. Bench stability is excellent with minimum to no settling even after several weeks, despite its low viscosity. For storage exceeding two to three weeks, refrigeration is recommend to ensure that the product used is completely uniform. CHIPSHIELD 1455HD should be cured with the safer long wave UV, 325-380 nm wavelength. With a high Tg of 80°C and excellent moisture/humidity resistance, the chip is assured of a stable environment
through most thermal excursions and hostile moist environments.

CHIPSHIELD 1455HD is the forth member of a family consisting of CHIPSHEID 1450, 1452, & 1455, all varying in Tg and flexibility to exactly suit the requirements of many chip end uses.

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