EPD Driver IC features 400 outputs rated for ±15 V.

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Operating with 50 MHz max clock frequency, IXEP1400 Electronic Paper Display Gate Driver offers bidirectional data transfer and supports 3-level gray scaling. Data entered via shift register input controls pixels of display. Capable of driving segment or active matrix displays, IC is suited for portable battery-operated mobile devices, secondary displays for smartphones and tablets, electronic shelf labels, smart cards, and signage.

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IXYS Integrated Circuits Division Offers New 400 Channel Electronic Paper Display (EPD) Driver IC

The IXEP1400 is added to IXYS ICD's EPD Driver Portfolio

Beverly, Massachusetts, USA — IXYS Integrated Circuits Division (ICD), Inc.,an IXYS Company, (NASDAQ: IXYS), announced the availability of the IXEP1400 electronic paper display (EPD) gate driver.  The IXEP1400 features 400 outputs that are rated for +/-15V.  Data entered via the shift register input controls the pixels of the display

“EPD’s , are the latest thin and energy efficient ‘paper’ based flexible displays, that are suited for a wide range of applications.  These displays are very energy efficient and are visible in all light conditions, are low cost and do not need any backlighting like LCD’s. IXYS ICD has been developing the IC technology to drive these displays, and introduces them as ASSP’s (Application Specific Standard Products) in the market”, said Mark Heisig General Manger of IXYS ICD.

The IXEP1400 can operate with a maximum clock frequency of 50MHz, and is capable of bidirectional data transfer.  Multiple IXEP1400 can share a common data bus.  The IXEP1400 supports 3-level gray scaling.  

The IXEP1400 is a cost reduced and lower power version of the industry standard and popular MXEI1480 EPD source driver.  It is suitable to drive segment or active matrix displays.  The IXEP1400 can be used with the IXYS ICD's new IXEP2300 300 channel gate driver to provide a complete driver solution for EPDs.  Typical applications include wearable mobile devices, portable battery operated mobile devices, secondary displays for smart phones and tablets,, eBooks, electronic shelf labels, smart cards, and signage.


The IXEP1400 is available as gold bumped die, supplied in wafer form, or in waffle pack carriers.  


The IXEP1400 is available in production quantities.

About IXYS Integrated Circuits Division and IXYS Corporation

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division, (ICD), a leader in the design and manufacture of solid state relays and high voltage integrated circuits, is a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation. IXYS Corporation develops and markets primarily high performance power semiconductor devices that are used in controlling and converting electrical power efficiently in power systems for the telecommunication and internet infrastructure, motor drives, medical systems and transportation. IXYS also serves its markets with a combination of digital and analog integrated circuits, power systems and RF GaAs and GaN based products. Additional information about IXYS Integrated Circuits Division, Zilog and IXYS may be found at www.ixysic.com, www.zilog.com and www.ixys.com.    

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