End-to-End Turning Accessories for Unattended Operation & Other Productivity Boosters

February 29, 2008 Cincinnati, OH - For EASTEC 2008. To help customers enjoy the benefits of lights out manufacturing and other efficiencies, LNS America, Inc. will showcase bar feeds, chip conveyors, coolant systems and other machine tool accessories in EASTEC booth 1117. Featured products include:

Alpha Series bar feeds starting at only $20,300 provide the reliability, stability and ease of operation of far more expensive machines. Model ST 320 feeds round bar stock from .12" to .78" diameter and Alpha ST 212 is designed to flawlessly load small diameter, round bar stock from .078" to .47". An exclusive synchronization system for use with high-speed sliding headstock machines or when running special materials is standard on the Alpha 212 and an option for the Alpha 320.

Microfine 3 chip conveyors are ideal for installations with limited floor space and machines requiring lower discharge heights. This system handles heavy chip loads of mixed or dedicated materials and filters coolant to 50 microns. Typical applications for Microfine 3 are Swiss turning, multi axis turning and both vertical and horizontal machining centers.

Oil mist collectors improve worker comfort and safety when used with machine tools or in EDM applications. Five models with capacities of 170 - 1250 CFM efficiently filter water soluble or straight oil coolants to eliminate mist, vapors, smoke and odors. Although designed for wet applications, the devices can also be used in mixed (wet/dry) situations.

LNS America is THE SOURCE for uncommon value in manufacturing accessories. Visit www.LNSamerica.com for details on all LNS products and services.

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