EMI Cage offers dual transceiver hosting.

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Dual Port SFP EMI Cage is designed for copper and optical SFP transceivers in Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, and Infiniband applications. Two-piece hybrid design incorporates strength of die cast body with spring feature of single stamped piece, which includes bottom, locking tabs, spring tabs, and press-fit pins. Press-fit pins allow cage to be securely mounted to PCB without solder. Lightpipes can be added to display LED indicators from host board to chassis bezel.

Original Press Release:

Methode Datamate Products' Rugged New Dual Port SFP EMI Cage Offers Dual Transceiver Hosting and EMI Protection

Chicago, IL - dataMate Products, a division of Methode Electronics, Inc., introduces its Dual Port SFP EMI Cage. The cage is designed for use with both copper and optical Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers for Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, and Infiniband applications.

dataMate's Dual Port SFP EMI Cage is a unique, two-piece hybrid design that incorporates the strength of a die cast body with the required spring features of a stamped piece. The die cast body is solid and robust to ensure the structural integrity of its walls and top, and it provides the port-to-port spacing specified in the SFP MSA. The bottom, locking tabs, spring tabs, and press-fit pins are all part of a single stamped piece, reducing inventory and assembly expenses. The two ports are mechanically locked and soldered together with lead-free solder.

Press-fit pins allow the cage to be securely mounted to a printed circuit board without solder (although the cage is solderable, should the application call for it). Because the Dual Port SFP EMI Cage is fully compatible with the standard MSA footprint, no circuit board modification is required.
dataMate specializes in custom applications and integrating value-added features to SFP EMI cages. Other multi-port cage configurations are available including 3-port and 4-port modules. Lightpipes can be added to the cages to display LED indicators from the host board to the chassis bezel. Conductive elastomers can be used to create a tight seal from the cage assembly to the host bezel, improving EMI performance. Heatsinks can also be integrated with the cage assembly to help dissipate heat from the transceiver. The cage is available in RoHS-compliant matte tin or gold flash plating finishes.

The Dual Port SFP EMI Cage is just one product in dataMate's complete line of Small Form Factor Pluggable solutions, which includes SFP Connectors, Active and Passive Patch Cord Assemblies, Copper Transceivers and Copper Loopbacks.

dataMate's Dual Port SFP EMI Cage (without lightpipes) is priced under $3.25 at 10K quantity; call for pricing. Samples are available from stock. For samples or additional information on dataMate's Dual Port SFP EMI Cage, or any of dataMate's SFP product line, contact dataMate Products, Methode Electronics, Inc., Sales Department, 7401 W. Wilson Ave., Chicago, IL 60706 USA. Phone: 1-708-867-6777. Fax: 1-708-867-3149. Email: info@methode.com. Web site: www.methode.com.

dataMate is a leading manufacturer of SFP products, computer I/O terminators and interconnect circuits, computer peripheral adapters, SCSI testers, and SCSI signal repeaters. All products benefit from sophisticated CAD/CAE electrical and mechanical design techniques, and from Methode's considerable manufacturing expertise. dataMate is located in Chicago, IL.

Methode Electronics, Inc. (NASDAQ: METH) is a global manufacturer of electronic component and subsystem devices. Methode designs, manufactures and markets devices employing electrical, electronic, wireless, sensing and optical technologies. Methode's components are found in the primary end markets of the automotive, communications (including information processing and storage, networking equipment, wireless and terrestrial voice/data systems), military, aerospace, rail and other transportation industries; and the consumer, safety, medical, and industrial equipment markets. Further information can be found at Methode's website www.methode.com.

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