Electronics Cabinet meets military standards.

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Series 20,000 19 in. cabinet uses design-for-manufacturing methods to enable customer to select x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis dimensions according to application. It employs welded steel construction with interlocking components. Pre-tapped No. 10-32 holes within rack angles conform to EIA spacing. Rack angles are located in C channel mount that permits infinite positional, front-to-rear adjustment of equipment. Cabinet can be modified for electromagnetic compatibility.

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Schroff Introduces Customizable, Cost-Effective 19" Cabinet Platform

Warwick, RI, July 2003 - Schroff®, the global leader in electronic enclosure solutions, introduces the 20,000 Series, a 19" cabinet ideal for defense, security, data communication, broadcast and telecommunication applications. The new cost-effective cabinet, designed to be customized to individual customer requirements, is available at standard catalog prices.

The new Schroff 20,000 Series uses design-for-manufacturing methods to enable each customer to select x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis dimensions according to the intended application. "The 20,000 Series was conceived as a product platform, rather than a series of individual products," explains Ron Pache, Product Manager. "The series overcomes the limitations of traditional cabinet design that make it difficult and expensive to customize dimensions."

The new product platform employs a welded steel construction using interlocking components that eliminate the need for expensive manufacturing jigs, thereby reducing lead-time. The novel manufacturing approach facilitates extremely rapid time-to-market, even for highly customized designs for customer-specific applications.

The 20,000 Series uses pre-tapped #10-32 holes within the rack angles that conform to the Electronic Institute of America (EIA) spacing. The rack angles are located in a unique 'C' channel mount that permits infinite positional, front-to-rear, adjustment of the equipment to be installed within the cabinet. This feature is especially important when the accommodation of cable bend radii requires recessed equipment installation.

For electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), the new cabinet platform can be modified easily to meet multiple levels of attenuation. Options include all levels of FCC and VDE,
higher levels for military applications, and the highest security levels for TEMPEST applications. The cabinets with EMC options employ the same construction concepts as the core plafform product, making the units extremely cost-effective since customers only pay for the specific EMC options they need. The 20,000 Series is supported by a wide range of rack accessories including shelves, fan units, and power strips.

For non-benign environments, the 20,000 Series meets the rigorous requirements of MIL-STD-167, MIL-STD-901 and Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-63-CORE shock and vibration environmental specifications.

Pricing and delivery for Schroff's new 20,000 Series cabinet is application specific, depending on the customization chosen.

For more information, please visit www.schroff.us, call 888/550-9543, or conlact Technical Sales, Tel: 401-732-3770; Email: info@pentair-ep.com; Web: wwvw.schroff.us.

READER SERVICE INQUIRIES: Please forward all reader service inquiries to George Ross, Director, Schroff Business Development, Schroff, 170 Commerce Drive, Warwick, RI 02886; Email: gross@pentair-ep.com.

Schroff® provides a world-leading brand of subracks and accessories, instrument cases, 19" cabinets, backplanes, integrated systems and enclosure hardware; and complete enclosure systems for CompactPCI and VME. Schroff manufacturers customer-specific enclosure systems including NEBS and outdoor
aluminum enclosures; and high volume stamped chassis; as well as custom backplane design and 4-level system integration. The company has 17 manufacturing locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. More information is available at www.schroff.us.

Schroff is a subsidiary of Pentair, Inc., St. Paul, MN, (NYSE: PNR) a diversified manufacturer that operates in three principal markets: electrical and electronic enclosures, professional tools and equipment, and water and fluid technologies.

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