Electronic Rack Cabinets come in 100 sizes.

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Industrial Electronic Racks accommodate 19, 24, and 23 in. electronic and telecommunications equipment. Using components from grid rail system, rack angles can be positioned anywhere within Mtrx modular cabinet frame. Fixed shelves, pull-out shelves, drawers, guides, and panels can be installed directly on rack angles. Rack frame can be closed for NEMA 12 applications or left open for NEMA 1 applications. Lifting eyebolts and leveling feet are included.

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New Eurobex Industrial Electronic Rack Cabinets

Eurobex Manufacturing now produces a complete line of industrial electronic racks. These racks are designed to accommodate 19", 24" and 23" electronic and telecommunications equipment.

Rack angles are installed inside a Mtrx modular cabinet frame, which is available in 100 sizes. The rack frame can be closed (using panels and doors) for NEMA 12 applications or left open for NEMA 1 applications. Fixed rack angles and swing-out rack frames are available.

A wide variety of accessories are available to complement the Mtrx rack frame. Namely, fixed shelves, pull-out shelves, drawers, guides and panels can be installed directly on the rack angles. Lighting, handles (96 varieties available), interlocks and hundreds of other accessories can be installed in a Mtrx cabinet.

The rack angles can be positioned anywhere within the cabinet using components from the Mtrx grid rail system. Lifting eyebolts and leveling feet are included with the cabinet. Mtrx rack cabinet assemblies are UL listed / CSA certified.

Standard rack cabinets can be ordered using the part numbers listed in Eurobex Catalog 16. Eurobex can also produce custom rack cabinets, based on customer specifications. Cabinets can be shipped fully assembled, with special colors, cut-outs, press fit fasteners, windows, ventilation and more.

Eurobex can produce custom modular cabinets efficiently and competitively thanks to its fully automated North American manufacturing facilities. The manufacturing process at Eurobex is geared toward the production of custom cabinets, in large and small quantities. In fact, Eurobex can cost-effectively produce a single custom modular cabinet, based on customer specifications.

For additional information on Mtrx electronic rack cabinets, visit www.eurobex.com, or call your local Eurobex sales representative.

Company information
Eurobex Manufacturing Ltd. manufactures a wide range of commercial and industrial electrical enclosures, as well as a full line of metric modular cabinets. Eurobex is based in Blainville, Québec and is certified ISO9001.

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