Electronic Height Gauge measures with 0.0003 in. accuracy.

Press Release Summary:

Altissimo Platinum Gauge measures ID, OD, center and total indicator runout, and calculates height, max, min, distance to last feature, and distance between last 2 points. It has 7 set-up functions ranging from probe calibration to display resolution. In addition, pressing hot key allows measuring routines to be selected on-the-fly. Capacitive measurement system operates on NiMH rechargeable batteries that provide 100+ hr of life.

Original Press Release:

New Starrett "Platinum" Electronic Height Gage Is Innovative And Highly Accurate

Athol, MA USA, December 10, 2001. Starrett recently introduced an improved version of its innovative "Altissimo" Height Gage - The new Altissimo Platinum. The 24" Altissimo Platinum Gage, No. 2001, has all of the exceptional design features of the original Altissimo, but it provides twice the accuracy. According to Tony Aspin, Vice President of Sales, 'At +/- .0003" (.007 mm), Platinum's accuracy is unsurpassed in its class."

Altissimo's unique, easy-to-use features include the ergonomically shaped base with built-in "hot key, that allows the user to easily grip and move the gage. In addition, pressing the key allows measuring routines to be selected "on-the-fly". Additional Starrett-exclusive functions are an electronically adjustable probe force and beeper volume, and a large, easy-to-read and use LCD display panel which has a scanning meter to monitor probe position.

Convenience and ease-of-use are further enhanced by features such as the smart probe that can measure inside diameter or outside diameter (L.D. or O.D.) without attachments, dynamic bi-directional probing with both point and scan modes, bold screen icons that always remind you of the current routine you are in, and three electronically adjustable resolutions.

The gage also retains the last calibrated diameter of the measuring probe, even after the gage is shut down.

Altissimo Platinum has a 24" range that is extendible to 30" and a repeatability of +/-.0001"/.002 mm. High accuracy is ensured via the Starrett Capacitive Measurement System. The gage operates on NiMH rechargeable batteries that provide over 100 hours of continuous life.

Measurement modes include I.D./O.D. diameters, center, total indicator runout (T.I.R.), max/min and continuous display. Altissimo also includes eight automatically calculated measuring routines - center, diameter, height, max, min, T.I.R., distance to last feature and between last two points. In addition, there are seven set up functions ranging from probe calibration to display resolution.

Altissimo is furnished with a carbide probe, probe holder, AC charger/adapter and probe calibration block. Numerous accessories are offered including an optional probe kit with a variety of probes for many applications.

Since its founding more than 120 years ago, The L. S. Starrett Company has earned a reputation as the world's preeminent supplier of precision measuring tools and equipment.


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