Electronic Counter keeps track of applicator usage.

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Integrated into AMP applicators, EDGE Counter displays cycles since installation to track tool usage and optimize maintenance scheduling. On-counter LCD display and EDGE Counter Software Pack provide access to operation counts and other applicator statistics. Tool enables operators to perform applicator maintenance and tool replacement at measured intervals with pre-set limits. Counter and software use wireless IR technology to transfer data.

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New Edge Electronic Counter Tracks Applicator Usage, Enhances Crimp Yields

HARRISBURG, Pa. - April 27, 2005 - The versatile new EDGE Counter, integrated into virtually all new Tyco Electronics' AMP applicators, will help manufacturers track tool usage for more effective maintenance scheduling. The on-counter LCD display and the available EDGE Counter Software Pack provide access to operation counts and other statistics on applicator use.

The counter provides a clear display of cycles since installation, indicating when maintenance is required. By performing applicator maintenance and tool replacement at actual measured intervals with pre-set limits, operators can avoid rejects caused by tool wear or mis-adjustment, and delays caused by breakdowns. The counter and software use wireless infrared technology to communicate. Built-in test modes aid in setup on an applicator.

Using the EDGE Counter Software Pack enables tracking of all the customers' applicators, capturing serial numbers, cycle counts, service intervals, and last service date for each tool. The counter and software can keep track of up to nine pieces of wearable tooling by name, part number, and target count. When a target count is exceeded an indication is given on the counter and in the software. Once the data is captured in the PC, it is stored in a file that is readily imported by popular database and spreadsheet programs. With this system, the customer has the ability to track and maintain all of his applicators. The counter is completely electronic, with magnetic sensors to trigger each cycle.

"By keeping track of tool usage, maintenance cycles become much more predictable," notes Tyco Electronics application tooling product manager Eugene Simmers. "Maintenance at the proper time helps eliminate unexpected applicator jams and downtime, and wasted terminals, so you can keep production running."

The EDGE Counter Software Pack is sold separately. Users with older applicators can install the counter with a convenient upgrade kit. A built-in switch display mode helps optimize sensor and magnet positioning.

For more information on the EDGE Counter or EDGE Counter Software Pack. call 1-800-522-6752.

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