Electro-Matic Products' Factory Vision® Product Line Received CSA Rating for Canada and USA

Farmington Hills, MI - Electro-Matic Products, Inc. proudly announces that our Factory Vision® Product Line received the CSA rating for Canada and USA. The CSA rating process is a rigorous test of your equipment to ensure that all fire and electrical codes are met or exceeded. "This process took over 1 year where CSA did extensive failure analysis on actual product to ensure the robustness and safety of the product," explains Tom Parrish, Visual Products Manager of Electro-Matic Products.

This rating ensures that Electro-Matic Products meets all Canada and USA regulatory requirements for installation of the Factory Vision® Industrial LED displays in both countries. Electro-Matic's Factory Vision(TM) line of marquees, andons, industrial clocks and counters, and process control boards provide an answer to all communication and visual factory management needs in the industrial environment. They open a window to factory performance and supply the foundation for a company-wide "nervous system", ensuring all employees understand how they affect the factory's overall performance. Specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with manufacturing intelligence and data collection systems, the board's embedded Pentium PC processor allows for maximum throughput speed in combination with multiple input sources.

Electro-Matic Products, Inc.

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