Electric Actuators Replacing Pneumatics In Glass Manufacturing Applications

SMAC electric actuators based on Moving Coil Technology are rapidly replacing pneumatic and electro-pneumatic conventional solutions in such glass manufacturing operations as scoring and bevelling of solar panels - LCD panels and inline glass production.

SMAC electric actuators - single pole linear motors - incorporate programmable speeds, positions, and most importantly for glass - programmable forces - including very low forces on the order of 0.1N or less.

SMAC actuators also incorporate a patented "Softland" capability very useful when applied to brittle materials. The force programmability works over the complete stroke - hence - unlike pneumatics - the same force can be applied through the stroke. Electrons are virtually uncompressible.

The SMAC actuator also gives continues position and force feedback which can be used to monitor many production factors such as real time tool wear, thereby improving the uptime of the process, quite often resulting in a much faster production process. The ability to softland, measure and track an unknown or uneven surface at the same or a different programmed force makes the unit ideal for processing rough surfaces.

Successful applications - proven at many top solar, flat screen and glass manufacturers around the world demonstrate the great usefulness of this tool when applied to glass manufacturing.

SMAC Inc is the world leader in Moving Coil Actuators and associated control systems. Headquartered in Carlsbad, California USA with subsidiaries throughout the North America, Europe, Asia & Japan. SMAC delivers high tech solutions to industry with single & multi axes linear, linear/rotary actuators, integrated XY & XYZ stages, positioning stages and electronic control solutions.


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