Elastomer Feed Roller withstands high thermal loads.

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Designed to meet abrasion and thermal loading demands, EL 24 offers temperature resistance up to 170°C. This white, silicon-free, elastomer feed roller, intended for pelletizing systems, also exhibits optimized frictional resistance and compression behavior. Backup package for rollers is available, enabling exchange for recoating within few days.

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New Heat-resistant Elastomer Feed Roller from Automatik Plastics Machinery

Automatik Plastics Machinery launches a new elastomer feed roller EL 24 with temperature resistance up to 170°C for pelletizing systems.

Automatik Plastic Machinery has developed a new elastomer feed roller specially designed to meet high demands in terms of abrasion and thermal loading.

This new roller, designated EL 24, features a high thermal load capacity of up to 170°C, well above that of conventional rollers in use. The EL 24 also offers better frictional resistance and compression behavior than conventional elastomer feed rollers. Worthy of notice is the fact that the new roller is white. In addition, and importantly for the semiconductor industry, it is also silicon-free.

Feed rollers are exposed to a wide range of loading based on the different materials processed in compounding and masterbatches. The products they process are soft, brittle, abrasive and/or very hot. The feed roller therefore has to be closely adapted to the material being processed. Demands on elastomer rollers are very high particularly in relation to abrasive materials incorporating reinforcers such as fiber-glass or high-temperature additives. Optimum service life is important, so as to maximize system availability and minimize production cost. The new EL 24 feed roller is designed specially to handle such high loads.

In addition to external influences, feed rollers are also subject to continuous deformation due to the rolling motion as well as to compression by the inflowing strands. The factors of hardness, abrasion, elasticity or compression are key in determining whether a coating bounces, damps, shrinks or sets quickly. Ever more specialized materials are leading to a steady rise in demand for feed rollers adapted to the materials being processed. Long-time tests by a variety of Automatik customers imposing very high demands and subject to very high loading on feed rollers have demonstrated that using the EL 24 results in four to five times longer life.

Automatik Plastics Machinery also offers its customers a backup package for the rollers enabling them to be exchanged for recoating within a few days. With the launch of this new roller Automatik Plastics Machinery has extended its product portfolio as well as its customer service package.

Automatik Plastics Machinery has a variety of feed rollers in its product range, from structured steel rollers to rubber rollers. Feed rollers are currently offered for all machine models commonly used on the market.

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