Eddy-Current Tester finds defects by non-destructive analysis.

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ROTOMAC® 9 rotary test system detects long, seam-type defects in wire, tubing, and bar stock. Real-time, flat-panel color display shows waveforms, reflecting true phase and amplitude. Oscillating frequency range of 50 KHz to 1 MHz, combined with high-frequency capacity rotary mechanism and test probes, allows detection of defects as shallow as .001 in. deep. Digital electronics and flaw-verify feature permit differentiation between defect signals and unwanted signals.

Original Press Release:

Magnetic Analysis Corporation (MAC) Introduces Rotomac® 9 Eddy Current Tester

MOUNT VERNON, NY/May 6, 2003 - -- Magnetic Analysis Corporation, originator of the spinning probe rotary eddy current tester, introduces the ROTOMAC® 9 nondestructive test system. The latest in MAC's line of rotary testers, this technology is the method of choice to detect long, seam-type defects in wire, tubing, or bar stock. Hot rolled and cold finished product can be tested in-line as part of a production process (such as cold drawing), or as a separate test operation.

The ROTOMAC 9 features high flaw frequency resolution for today's higher rpm rotaries, as well as a real-time, flat panel color display of wave forms reflecting true phase and amplitude. The wider oscillating frequency range (50 Khz to 1Mhz) combined with the high frequency capacity rotary mechanism and test probes, enhance the ability to detect unusually shallow defects(as small as .001" deep depending on the material under test).

Digital electronics and the flaw verify feature now permit more accurate differentiation between wanted defect signals and unwanted signals (such as those created by short handling marks or vibration). Up to four independent flaw channels can be included in the same rotary and instrument package. Signal amplitudes with their phases are shown as excursion spikes from the midpoint of the 360° polar display, clearly showing relationships between wanted and unwanted signals. A coincident linear display uses different colors to show the combined real-time vertical channel signals from each rotating test probe.

The testing screen's new hot key feature allows the operator to adjust the most frequently changed test parameters and revise, store, or recall a setup while still in test mode. Plus, the built-in Ethernet interface allows stored setups to be downloaded to the ROTOMAC 9 from a networked computer, especially useful when there is a change in the diameter or type of test material.

Amplitude or phase signals from any threshold can be brought out to any of four outputs for fused AC relay, TTL, or optically isolated switching. MAC's datalog feature stores data on the threshold signals for each segment, piece, or reject pieces only, allowing immediate printout, later observation, or analysis from a networked computer via the Ethernet interface.

The ROTOMAC 9 can be incorporated with the MAC 175 eddy current encircling coil type tester where very short, intermittent defects can be detected, particularly useful for customers who must test copper tubing for heat exchanger applications.

MAC's rotary test systems can be used for continuous product or cut lengths. When defeets are detected in the wire, alarms, flaw indicators, paint markers or other devices are activated. In parts forming applications, the tester signals a reject action on the appropriate piece after the cutting and forming operation. To test cut length product, the rotary is usually installed in a separate test station in conjunction with MAC centering and drive mechanisms (which position the rotary tester and move the bar accurately through).

For more information on the ROTOMAC 9. call (800) 4NDT-MAC or log onto www.mac-ndt.com.

Based in Mount Vernon, New York, Magnetic Analysis Corporation celebrates its 75th year in business in 2003. Today, MAC is a global provider of nondestructive testing equipment for metal products, including eddy current, ultrasonic, and flux leakage instruments and systems. Beyond remaining at the forefront of these technuologies, MAC provides world-class customer service, working with customers to provide customized solutions for each application as well as training and service. The company also provides testing in-house utilizing its own systems. For more information on MAC's products, call (800)4NDT-MAC or log onto www.mac-ndt.com.

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